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Jason just reported that his IQ is 92, which was about what I thought. I also think he’s gotten smarter since he’s been here because I think this blog pushes his brain past where he normally pushes it. And he’s definitely been able to boil down and wrap up some of the fairly complex ideas we toss around here. A site like is probably very stimulating for someone at an IQ of this level. A fair amount of it will be over their heads, but they’ll understand enough to get some real meat out of it.

That actually sounds just about right. It’s absolutely in the normal range and nations with IQ’s in that range, like the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Georgia, and Armenia normally do fairly well. It’s certainly high enough to sustain modern civilization. So you have a normal IQ, an IQ within the normal human range. And what’s wrong with that. Most people are average. Average in humans means most of them.

What you want to worry about it being below average. Obviously, everyone cannot be above average. In fact, only 25% can be strictly, speaking as the 25th to 75th percentile defines the normal range for most things. Above average is 76th percentile up, and below average is 24 and below. Jason is in the 30th percentile, which is absolutely within the normal human range IQ range of 25th to 75th percentiles. I’d be concerned if he was below average, but as he’s perfectly within the average range, I’m fine with him.

You might be interested to know that Oglivy, the most famous ad-man of all time, had an IQ right in that range, 92-94. So you see, people in Jason’s range can rise to great, even ultimate heights in the world, particularly in the world of business, where they can definitely excel. They can also become fabulously wealthy, as Oglivy was a very rich man. And they can be the ultimate social actors, and Oglivy had social skills to die for. All in all, it’s a perfectly adequate IQ to reach the ultimate heights in life in achievement, wealth, and the social world.

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6 thoughts on “Jason’s IQ”

  1. It would be interesting to compare the IQ of typical Trump supporters (and Republican voters generally) to those of liberals and people further on the Left.

    As a Democratic Socialist with an IQ of 125, I suspect that my situation is not at all unusual. In my experience, scientific rationality, dispassionate assessment of evidence, and empirical truth in general (i.e. REALITY) will invariably have a “liberal bias” (or further left).

    As a result, credible journalists, academics etc. (outside of the basically theological realm of “free market” dogma taught in Economics departments and business schools) will necessarily disproportionately express these perspectives. They are simply doing their job as they should and following the actual evidence to where it leads.

    1. Are you new here? If so, welcome to the site. I am also a socialist, basically a democratic socialist too but I also support the harder forms, although that’s not my philosophy. I’m not a Communist. I like the Bolivarians in Venezuela a lot though and I like the new Chinese and Vietnamese economic models.

      1. Thanks, I’ve been lurking for a while. Have enjoyed your site and most of your contributions but honestly am put off by several of the more blatantly white supremacist/racist/anti-semitic readers that come here. Wouldn’t they be happier at Ron Unz’s site, or Amren and similar shitholes?

        1. Just ignore them. There’s always a few here, but frankly, most of us are not really like that. My co-blogger who helps me run the site is an antiracist Black woman married to a White man, for instance. She’s the polar opposite of the Mighty Whiteys here. To tell the truth, most White nationalist and racist types come here and get mad pretty quickly, start calling me antiracist, and claim I’m with the enemy. They typically don’t stick around very long.

          They’ve always been here. I write about race and I am a race realist, plus I like being White, and unfortunately if you have those two attributes, you attract White nationalists, etc. I don”t mind some of the White Supremacists here though. They’re nice and they’re friendly to me. Their beef is with other people, not me. I’d really like to get more readers like you though. Most liberals and Lefties come here and flip out and say my writing is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, bla bla.

          Actually I try not to be any of those things, but I sure like to skirt the line. I’m part of the anti-SJW Left or anti-Identity Politics Left. One branch is called the Alternative Left or Alt Left. Well almost all liberals and Lefties are deep off into SJWism, feminism, modern anti-racism, gay/tranny chauvinism, White male-hating, etc. All liberals and Lefties right now are laying it all down for Identity Politics into which they’ve bought bigtime. So they’re all doubling down.

          I’d like to attract more liberals and Lefties who are skeptical of the extremism and increasingly insanity of the SJW and Identity Politics crowd. All this shit is done to divide the workers anyway? Can’t these morons see that? People on the Left should have one identity- worker! There’s no such thing as women workers, anti-racist workers, gay workers, tranny workers or whatever.

          It’s [pick your IP of choice] worker. Pick one! Like some idiot Leftie says, “I’m a gay worker!” and I say “Pick one! You can only pick one those two, not both at once.”


        2. Also if you are feeling rich and want to support us, there’s a donate button up. If you can’t spare even $5, believe me, I get it, don’t bother. I’ve been there, or actually I’m there most of the time.

          If you write well maybe we could even put you on as guest writer.

  2. Becoming a living library is possible for me, but I don’t really have the time, especially with a lot of the trouble on me now. However, in the past, I had plenty of time to do a lot of reading, but I had other interests like making a music lesson site and I used the time for that instead.

    Anyway, my IQ can handle being a “living library”, but I found non-verbal stuff very tough but doable. For instance, I need to take math classes over and over to get an A or a B, stuff like that. My brain simply cannot process that stuff as fast as others.

    Now, I’m not for sure if ingesting tons of verbal knowledge from reading material quickly is always possible for me or not. Perhaps I’m going back on what I said. It depends on how interested I am in the subject. I love history, geography, biographies, and business, but I’m not so hot on fiction – unless it’s erotic LOL – just being honest.

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