Alt Left: People Wonder Why I Am a Socialist

All of the governments above are at least somewhat socialist because the action that they took right there is a socialist action.

Being a socialist, to me, at the very least means supporting the actions of the first seven countries and opposing that of the lasst, the shameful US. No capitalist country would ever do anything like that. If they did, they would no longer be a capitalist country. America is a much more capitalist country than a socialist one, as exemplified by the last figure in the list. People should not be surprised. The US is basically a capitalist country with a very weak socialist layer, and it is acting just like one in this and so many other ways. Why is everyone so shocked?

Of course there are many definitions of socialism, but here I refer to social democracy. The nations above other than the US are all social democracies (socialist) in one form or another. In fact, nearly the entire world is some form of social democracy (socialist). In much of the world, social democratic (socialist) parties either run the country or are large opposition parties with large support in Parliament.

The US, in ferociously rejecting even the suggestion of social democracy (socialism) and regarding it as the worst horror known to man, is actually completely out of step with the vast majority of nations on Earth.

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One thought on “Alt Left: People Wonder Why I Am a Socialist”

  1. The thing is that we do have socialism in this country, but it’s directed at the super rich. If one is insanely wealthy, our government will spare no effort to interfere on your behalf to ensure that you become even richer.

    In 2008, the government literally printed up money and gave it to the banks.

    With the CARES Act, people got $1200, but the well-connected got much much more. Meanwhile, I was reading a message board where my fucking fellow Americans were freaking out about NEETS getting relief checks. When I pointed out that fact, someone freaked out at me asking if “I expected them (billionaires and corporations) to lose money.” And that I should “suck a dick and get my daily dose of protein.” The country is full of a bunch of stupid fucks who have no perspective on anything.”

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