Stooges, “Little Doll”

1969! Never realized how good this song was. “Little Doll,” from the very first Stooges album, out of Detroit, 1969! The album is called Gimme Danger!

This is proto-punk rock all the way. Punk rock didn’t start up until 1976, seven years later, but this stuff was truly the ancestral music of punk rock. And guess what? Everybody hated them. And guess what else? Nobody even heard of them. I started listening to rock music in 1974, and I had no idea that this music even existed because nobody talked about it.

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One thought on “Stooges, “Little Doll””

  1. On the note of extended guitar riffs (pun intended), have you heard Acid Music for Acid People by Liquid Sound Company?

    Although it is psychedelic rock, Little Doll, for whatever reason reminded me of it. This is one of my favorite pieces of music of all time. A massive bong rip or a heroic dose of shrooms might be the push one needs to appreciate it though…

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