Intelligence Agencies in the Middle East Rated

The Mossad is one of the best spy agencies on Earth, near unparalleled. But I had no idea that Iran’s intelligence was this good. I’m shocked at how good they are.

Lebanese military intelligence is ok; at least they keep up on matters. Actually they are excellent in terms of internal matters. Superb.

Hezbollah’s intelligence is much better than Lebanese military intelligence. In fact, all of Hezbollah almost acts as an intelligence agency all the time, as they are locked into a conflict with Israel. Hezbollah has probably one of the finest intelligence apparatuses in the Arab World, and they definitely engage in external operations too. They are very secretive and have been very hard to penetrate. Even Mossad cannot seem to penetrate them, and sadly, Lebanon is swarming with Israeli spies.

Iraqi intelligence under Saddam was said to be excellent. Of course they were utterly brutal also. I’m not sure how good they are under the new regime. They have not yet been able to put down the ISIS insurgency in Iraq, although they have done very good work.

However, my source closes to the Iranian government tells me that the headquarters of Iraqi intelligence in Baghdad now is a joint headquarters manned by not just Iraqi intelligence but also Iranian and even Russian intelligence, which is probably military intelligence, not the GRU. The GRU seems to work mostly domestically. It’s interesting that Iran and Iraq have gotten so close to Russia. Even under Saddam,  most work was internal.

PMF pro-Iranian militia intelligence. These groups are are part of the Iraqi military. Their intelligence is excellent, as are their fighting capabilities. It is these militias that put down the ISIS insurgency in Iraq. Without the help of Iran and these groups, ISIS would have conquered Baghdad and probably all of Iraq. Iran essentially put down the ISIS insurgency in Iraq and did excellent work fighting ISIS and  Al Qaeda in Syria.

Syrian intelligence was always said to be excellent under both Bashar and his father. I believe they are still very good. Of course they are absolutely brutal. Most work is internal.

Saudi and UAE intelligence are ok. They at least know the scoop on what is really going down around them. For instance, both agencies reported that Israel attacked the Beirut harbor, which is of course correct. However, they repeated the Israeli lie that Israel was targeting a Hezbollah missile depot at the harbor. They both mostly work internally, however they were both working in Syria and Yemen and may still be there. In Syria, they were working with Al Qaeda and to some extent with ISIS in terms of ferrying ISIS fighters from Syria to Yemen.

Egyptian intelligence has always been among the best in the Arab World. However they mostly work internally. Nevertheless, they have not been able to put down the ISIS insurgency in the Sinai. They are also very brutal.

Iranian intelligence is surprisingly good. And it looks like they are good at external operations too with this attack inside Israel. They have operated in Europe for a long time eliminating enemies of the regime.

Moroccan intelligence is good at internal work.

Jordanian intelligence is also good at internal work. Brutal too.

Qatari intelligence was active in Syria, embedded with Al Qaeda.

The PLO and Hamas governments in Palestine. PFLP intelligence used to be pretty good. The Shin Bet seem to operate pretty unimpeded in the West Bank, and after any attack, they quickly roll up the actors. So PLO counterintelligence is obviously not good enough to stop Israel and its spies. Hamas intelligence is a lot better.

Israel has found it very hard to even get Mossad or Shin Bet spies into Gaza in the first place and a few of these teams  have been rolled up and even killed by Hamas once they got inside. One team was given away at a Hamas checkpoint when they  spoke Arabic with Hebrew accents. Hamas executes Palestinians in Gaza fairly regularly for spying for Israel.

No idea about the intelligence capabilities of Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait are, although Qaddafi’s intelligence agency was said to be very good.


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2 thoughts on “Intelligence Agencies in the Middle East Rated”

  1. How would you compare India’s RAW and Pakistan’s ISI to Israel’s Mossad and to one another?

    To the best of my knowledge ISI controls everything in Pakistan, nearly everything in Afghanistan and has a large influence in India, thanks to the Movie Mafia (Bollywood), D-Company, and the fact that India has so many Muslims which makes it very easy for them to get intel/drugs/weapons/people in and out of India. Also, it is said they played the CIA in order to extract as much money from them as “aid” while simultaneously “allegedly” harboring OBL.

    India has some connections in Afghanistan but most of their intel work is internal. They just concentrate on defending against Pakistan’s aggression (asymmetrical warfare). Since there are virtually no Hindus in Pak, they appear to have a tough time using the same tactics as the ISI. Although it is rumored they have a lot of influence in Nepal, Tibet, Burma and are on good terms with Bangladesh.

    1. The ISI is one of the finest intelligence agencies on Earth. I’m not sure about RAW. Indians talk about the agency a lot, but I’m not sure how good they actually are. Websites based on data from RAW seem to have an awful lot of good information about armed groups in India, that’s for sure. And yes, RAW is very much involved in Nepal, as is the Congress Party. India has always treated Nepal as an Indian colony and that hasn’t changed. India’s behavior in Nepal is not beneficial to Nepalis at all.

      Comparing Mossad to ISI and RAW. Mossad is better than RAW. The comparison with the ISI is very difficult because their missions are different. However, the ISI appears to be a very large and secretive organization that retains massive power over Pakistani politics. For example, Benazir Bhutto was obviously assassinated by Islamists in the pay of the ISI. The ISI are untouchable. Nobody wants to deal with them. They are the Pakistani Deep State and some people think that the ISI is the state of Pakistan itself, as in, they effectively run the country.

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