The Pathetic Search for the Pure White Man

RL: Problem is if you go over to White Nationalist Central and say what you just said, they will all completely flip out. Most of the commenters over there literally believe in the one-drop rule. You would think if Whites were literally going extinct, they would relax it, but nope.”

That’s my issue with the Stormfront crowd. It’s not their racism. I think that’s fantastic! It’s their insistence on being of pure European genotype and phenotype. It’s not scientific, and because of that, it has a hard time going mainstream. With that said, I think the majority of the Arab and Persian world has some non-White in them. So are clearly mixed and I would classify them as non-White.

Saddam Hussein looks pure Caucasoid here but his son Uday Hussein does not. Uday is the man standing in the middle.

No, Uday is White. Hell, they’re all pure White in that photo. Iraqis are very White. Not a lot of Black admixture in Mesopotamia until you get way down south near Basra, and now you are in the Gulf, where the mixture is pretty high.

There wasn’t much Black slavery in Mesopotamia and the Levant. Not at all. Also, they really hate Blacks in Mesopotamia. In the Gulf, not so much. In Yemen, there is some discrimination but it’s not at a high level. In the rest of Arabia, pretty much none.There are some extremely beautiful “Black” women in Saudi Arabia. I put Black in quotes because we don’t have many Black women who look like that here. They’re obviously Black, but their features can be rather fine and they have this shiny, almost golden color to their skin. And apparently there’s zero discrimination against them.

About Mesopotamia, I remember reading an article about Iraqis complaining about being occupied by Black soldiers. They said they didn’t mind being occupied by White soldiers because they were just like them (do they mean the same race?). They said they were thinking of taking up arms because they were being occupied by Blacks. “It’s so humiliating to be occupied by Blacks,” they said. They clearly thought that Blacks were a somewhat lower form of human, which is the very definition of racism right there.

As long as the person does not have obviously observable Black in them, to me they are just White. Also, in Latin America, even the White Supremacists down there say that if you are 75-85% White in Latin America, you are considered White. That seems like a pretty good rubric to go by.

The idea that if anyone has non-White in them, they’re not White, is just insane. James Watson, the man who discovered the double helix in DNA, is 11% Black. He looks like a White guy. Even more outrageously, Craig White, the well-known White nationalist (and quite a vicious one at that) is 16% Black! He’s just some White guy like you, me, or anyone. You can’t see racial admixture very much when it’s below ~20-25%. American Blacks are from 17-25% White. Do you see any White in your average Black person? Not really, unless they have a lot of White in them.

Even at 35-50% Black, people are not so much Black as completely defying any racial description at all. Quincy Jones’ gorgeous daughter is 35% Black. You can’t even define her race, but you don’t think Black. You think something like “Italian” or “Brazilian.” There are a number of half-Black women out there who are very beautiful, and you don’t really have the foggiest idea what race they are.

I was so baffled that I even asked some of my students, and they told me 1/2 Black and 1/2 White. She was really beautiful too. And some mixed race “Black” men are very handsome too, though I’m not much of a judge of male looks. You look at them and you don’t think “Black.” You think “Caribbean,” something along those lines, which is of course a geographical designation, not a racial one.

Even a lot of the Gulf Arabs are just White to me. The princes all look like White men. However, when you get to the types like Prince Bandar, sorry, he’s not a White man. They even call him ‘abd, which means both Black and slave in Arabic.

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6 thoughts on “The Pathetic Search for the Pure White Man”

  1. I still think there is a non-White substrate coursing through many in the Muslim world, either a Negroid, Australoid or Dravidian one. I won’t take their whiteness from them though because most Ay-rabs are pretty White looking.

    Check this crazy guy’s page. He’s right about Muslims trying to wipe out Yazidis. And these Yazidis truly are Aryan. Just look at them!

    1. Yes, the Yazidis are absolutely White people. I had some photos of some Yazidi women and they looked as White as we do.

      Pure Dravidians are probably Caucasian. Look closely at those chiseled faces. They look like Whites who have been out in the sun too long.

  2. I see it as an identity vs race scale. A non-White Brazilian identifies as White. Fine, I knight thee White.

    A very White-looking Jew identifies as non-White. Purity laws make a bit of sense with Jews. Jared Diamond very much believes in Jewish racial identity, and the percentage of DNA Jews have in common is important. Fine, here’s a yellow Star of David badge.

    I talked to one Iraqi girl really into her native culture. This contrasts sharply with those ethnically Euro Whites extraction obsessed with Australian Abos and Blacks. I was a Renaissance Festival and a White guy I knew only cared about the didgeridoo. They are really into a culture that is not even their own.

    The two White mindsets are that either we are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the primitive non-White is. Middle Easterners are Whites of the first type. Arabs are very ethnocentric.

    I talked to a Jordanian woman who spoke English, French, and Arabic. It’s interesting that Jordanian students are taught French as I believe Jordan was mostly an English zone. I’m no expert on European influence on the Middle East but it’s interesting.

    1. French is widely spoken in Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. It’s also very widely spoken in Europe outside of France, not to mention much of Black Africa, where it is often the official unifying language of the state so the speakers of tribal languages can speak with each other.

  3. I’d love to know the ethnic ancestors of Republican politicians. Because they’ve always obsessed with racial purity.


    1. I think one third of US Whites have some Indian in them. And more than you would think have some Black in them!

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