Alt Left: Why Must All “Whites” Be Extreme Rightwing Reactionaries?

RL: “Why all “Whites” have to be ultra-rightwing fanatics is something I will never understand.”

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: You’re right. I have some support for a White or mostly white Western world, and I also have strong fascist tendencies. You could say I’m 40/40/20 fascist/libertarian/socialist. Hey, the National Socialist fascists were, well, socialists lolz.

I like the White West too, but I just don’t think it has to stay that way. White people can do whatever they want with their White countries. Keep them White, mix them up, drown them in a sea of color – it makes no difference to me.

I don’t care who a man lets in his home. He can invite in half the neighborhood for all I care as long as he keeps the noise down low enough. Who am I to say who he can let in his house? His home is his castle.

Well, same with White countries. White peoples’ countries are their castles. As far as residents, they’re perfectly free to let in or restrict anyone they want for whatever the Hell reason they want, and there’s not necessarily anything racist about it. It’s their country, Goddamn it. You don’t have to make friends with anyone. You don’t have to hang out with anyone. You don’t have to let anyone in your home.

I don’t support a White state, but if one existed, why on Earth everyone there had to be an ultraright reactionary is beyond me. You could have White fascists, reactionaries, conservatives, centrists, liberals, progressives and out and out Leftists, socialists, and communists as long as they all rejected racial liberalism. What’s wrong with a White Left? What’s wrong with White Socialism? I’m not a White nationalist at all, but as long as there are tendencies like that, there might as well be things like White Socialism and a White Left.

Why not?

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Must All “Whites” Be Extreme Rightwing Reactionaries?”

  1. Deep down even I have some distaste for some White reactionaries. Like a skinhead that wants to fight everybody. We agree enough though. Plenty of trashy Whites on the other side as well.

    Less intelligent Whites seem fully capable of leading non-Whites. Some of the most annoying vids I see are dumb Whites telling non-Whites what they want to hear, “You da bess; Whitey oppress.” I guess they lead non-Whites in a way, as many non-Whites like to share and follow bottom of the barrel Whites. White sellouts are some kind of trophy, like a fallen angel.

    Whites in White societies are a variety of fine cheeses on crackers and the non-Whites are the crackers. Whites don’t really need non-Whites. They are fine as is. Whites in multiracial societies are like melting cheddar cheese on chips for nachos. Melting the cheese a little is fine but melting all the cheese into just oil isn’t appetizing.

  2. I’m assuming why Whites who are proud to be White must be rightwing reactionaries. There aren’t any really many proud to be White liberals. Are they?

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