Alt Left: About That White Ethnostate The White Nationalists Want

She’s in Parties: All White state/country

Good luck attracting White liberals or Jews. How many Whites would support an all White state?

Can I get an amen?


I think maybe 6-

They will all be xenophobloic racists, that’s for damn sure.  And extreme racists as far as racism goes. Say racism is on a spectrum, especially nowadays with theses fool definitions. These White nationalists are ultra-racists. They’re wildly racist. They’re so racist that they are so dramatically out of touch with everyday society as to be near cartoon caricatures.

The overwhelming majority of them will be reactionaries too, and particularly crazy ones at that. Not only that but almost all of them will support Jim Crow, the Confederates in the Civil War, apartheid in Rhodesia and South Africa, and the Nazis in WW2. They will all say slavery is no big deal. They will all oppose Brown vs. the Board of Education, and the Civil Rights, the Voting Rights, and Housing Rights Acts.

They will all support legal segregation and oppose all integration on the dubious basis of freedom of association. They all (even the White nationalist liberals, and there are a few) want to wipe out all social programs, which they call welfare. To them all social programs just means taking the hard-earned money of Whites and giving it out in freebies to a bunch of stupid, criminal, worthless niggers and beaners. They don’t see that many Whites use these programs too. In fact, if you mention that Whites use these programs, they will all say you are lying and laugh at you.

And they will be anti-liberal and especially anti-Communist fanatics. They will basically be fascists, in other words. Almost all White nationalists are pretty much fascists.

In a word, these people are wildly, cartoonishly ultra-racist fanatics. They are not good for Black people! They are not good for most Hispanics. They are not even any good for Asians. They are especially bad for Black people, for whom they reserve much of their ire. No Black person should have anything to do with these maniacs.  They hate you. Every single one of you. Trust me. I know these people very, very well.

TIL that everyone who likes being White, like the commenter and me, has to be an extreme rightwing fanatic! Can’t you like being White and be a Centrist? Or a liberal? A progressive? A socialist? Hell, even a Communist? Why not?

Why all “Whites” have to be ultra-rightwing fanatics is something I will never understand.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: About That White Ethnostate The White Nationalists Want”

  1. The low percentage of aware Whites is sad. Many basic bitches and cultural normies just go with the flow of power. But being right counts for something too. Whites either get primal or die in prison. Then SPLC condemns their “hate” symbols. Many hoes on prison planet leave their “hate” symbol covered White for a magical Negro who also ends up in prison or a Chihuahua they saw in a Taco Bell commercial. Maybe that White man who did that was never racist at all and was just trying to survive.

    Who judging him is in the thick of a 3rd World hell? Worst prison I’ve seen was in Lesotho, South Africa. Everyone was Black. 1/3 had HIV and 50% were rapists. Jews and their dumb goy friends are welcome stay there. The world that they are fighting for already exists.

    The best prison was in Norway. Looked like a nice hotel with IKEA furniture, a grocery store, good education programs, and the lowest rate of recidivism in the World. There was even a Black was bettering himself in that Norwegian prison. Non-Whites benefit from White influence. The more White influence in much of anything, the better it is for everyone.

    1. Many hoes on prison planet leave their “hate” symbol covered White for a magical Negro who also ends up in prison or a Chihuahua they saw in a Taco Bell commercial.

      Ok, your poesy lost me with this line. Care to do a close reading of it for me please? Right now, it’s pretty much written in a foreign language.

      1. I think he’s saying that turned-out White dudes in prison cover their swastika tatoos to keep it civil with the niggers and beaners who they are getting fucked by. Turned-out means other men fuck you.

    2. Was on a forum with a bunch of women dating prisoners. A lot of them had left their White prisoner perceived as racist for a Black or Mexican prisoner. In my opinion they’re all just primal men. With the backup parachute of Black or Brown men, White women often falsely feel less “racist” than with a primal White man. I refer to Mexicans as Chihuahuas, some Mexicans look like them. It’s nicer than saying mousey IMO and can be an attractive look on Latinas.

      Another interesting thing about the Norwegian prison is the inmates didn’t even think of stealing anything from the grocery. Can you imagine such trustworthy prisoners? A truly reforming prison.

  2. RL “Why all “Whites” have to be ultra-rightwing fanatics is something I will never understand.”

    You’re right. I have some support for a White or mostly white Western world and I also have strong fascist tendencies. You could say I’m 40/50/10 fascists/libertarian/socialist. Hey, the National Socialist fascist were, well, socialist lolz.

  3. The Atlantic must hire professional comedians to write this drivel:

    The most important explanation for whites’ anxiety about the shop, however, involved black barbers’ growing wealth. For many, the success of leading African-American barbers seemed to threaten the social order. As white customers were shaved by men with fortunes worth many thousands of dollars, some must have wondered who was serving whom.

    I don’t buy it. It’s similar to your argument about Jim Crow. There must be a deeper cause for beards going out of fashion in 19th century America.

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