Alt Left: Repost: 35,000 White Women A Year Are Raped by Blacks!

This was posted quite some time ago, but it’s getting some new comments, so I thought it might be time for a repost. Feel free to let us know what you think.

White nationalists love to toss this headline around to make it seem like Black criminals go out of their way to preferentially select White women to rape, almost as if they were hunting and White women were their prey. The 35,000 alone is shocking and boils down to 100 rapes of White women a day raped by Black criminals. Just reading that figure is almost enough to set off the latent White Nationalist in any White person.

I don’t mean to play down such a crime figure. Any high rape figure is appalling.

But that figure is not nearly as shocking as it seems.

First of all, it looks like Black men may commit 233,000 rapes a year. Of those, yes, 35,000 are White women. But almost all of the rest – 198,000 of them – are Black women. And if there are 100 rapes of White women a day by these men, there are 638 rapes of women period by these same men. So Black criminals commit 100 rapes of White women a day, but they also commit 538 rapes of Black women per day.

Which seems to be the greater problem? It looks like a lot of Black criminals just like to rape women period! Any women out there wandering around in society may get raped by them. And if Black men are such a danger to White women that they must be kept away from them, aren’t they an even greater danger to Black women? Shouldn’t Black women be protected from these men too?

The rape of a White woman by a Black man is no worse than the rape of a Black woman by a Black man. You can’t say we have to protect one set of victims while leaving the much larger set of victims to their fate. For better or for worse, we all have to bear the brunt of possible victimhood simply by living in a free and fair society. Anyway, even if we protected White women from Black rapists, I assure you that there are plenty of White rapists out there who would gladly take up the slack and rape these women themselves.

For instance, Black women are vastly more likely to be victimized by Black criminals than White women are. Comparing Blacks to Whites, five times as many Black women as White women are raped by Black men. Looking at only those two races, Black women are 85% of the rape victims of Black rapists. White and other non-Black women are 15% of the victims.

If these rapists were simply picking women of these two races at random to rape, 64% of their victims would be White women, and only 13% would be Black women. I don’t know how to do the math here, but it looks like Black women are maybe six times more likely to be raped relative to their population than White women. So Black rapists massively go out of their way to select Black women for rape and go way out of their way to avoid selecting or deselect White women.

But that’s not what you would hear from the White nationalists. Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Repost: 35,000 White Women A Year Are Raped by Blacks!”

  1. Black women are raped by Black men.

    White women are raped by White men.

    Rape and sexual violence are intraracial, but you won’t hear this from rightwingers and alt-rightists because their ideology gets in the way of facts. Especially from Colin Flaherty, Jared Taylor, and others.

    Even the title of Colin’s book, White Girl Bleed A Lot, exploits White female peril by overstating violence against Whites by Blacks. If you listen to his podcasts and videos on Youtube and Bitchute, he really goes overboard on Black on White violence, especially violence against White women by Black men. This hysteria is straight out of D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

    Do rightwingers such as Colin Flaherty really care about the welfare of White women? My answer is that they don’t unless they’re harmed by Blacks. That’s the only time they give a damn about their own women. Sad, isn’t it?


    1. Getting raped Blacks is seen as extra insulting. My view is more is more. I won’t applaud Blacks for raping mostly Black women more. I honestly think Blacks are more likely to murder and even eat their rape victims. Even in the US it happens. One Black I read raped his own mom and bit her face off.

      African-Americans are in between Whites and Black Africans.

      Black Africans are the rapiest people I’ve seen. I watched the Audrie and Daisy documentary today.

      I’ve an interest in White on White rape. I wonder if they kill themselves more.

      Even mestizo sexual life seems different. I think they have more dirty uncles. Roofie culture is bigger down south too. I believe I was accidentally roofied in Mexico. I’d guess Black and Mestizo girls are surrounded by more hounddogs in general but deal with their abuse better than Whites do. A place where groping, rape, etc. is common normalizes said behavior.

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