The “Happy Place” for Women is Femininity and Submissiveness

Women really get off sexually on submission, even to the point of enjoying what boils down to degradation and humiliation during sex. One could argue that calling women degrading names is degrading or humiliating behavior, but women sure seem to get off on that. In my experience, it seems to turn them into raving, wild-eyed, half-psychotic, cum-drunk nymphos.

Not to mention the popularity of a lot of sex acts. Sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass (and maybe even getting fucked period), and the popularity of newer acts like slapping, spanking, hair-pulling and especially facials, spitting and choking seem to be obviously degrading and humiliating if not outright misogynistic sex acts. Nevertheless, women are taking to all this new perverted sex like fish to water or at least a lot of them are anyway.

It’s like they hit their sweet spot. Femininity and submission are the sweet spots for women. Once they settle in and get comfortable, they’ve found their happy place. With men, it’s masculinity and dominance. Men who are not very masculine are usually not very happy. Anyone ever noticed that?

As are bitchy, ball-breaking women who domineer sadistically over their cowering husbands. There seems to be an essential unhappiness about them too. There’s also the tendency of the men to rebel and also the idea that they are solidifying the limitation that only wimps will be interested in them, as any real man would just kill the bitch LOL. Besides, even most women like that have an interior submissiveness that they really get off on if they’ll only let themselves succumb to it. Trust me, I’ve met enough of these bitches to know.

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13 thoughts on “The “Happy Place” for Women is Femininity and Submissiveness”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I probably committed some felony tonight by congregating with more than some arbitrarily defined number of people.

    Don’t forget to slap day hoe!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I had a small family gathering with my Mom, my sister and me. Was pretty nice. I don’t think too much COVID was transmitted there, maybe just a bit.

    2. Hey someone said you are EPGAH, the former commenter. I’m really doubting that.

      For one, you have completely different IP’s. For second, your personalities are very different. For thirds, you can get laid and he can’t. For fourth, you work in finance and he was on disability, I believe. For fifth, he lived in Missouri and referenced it often and you never tell us where you live.

      For sixth, he was hysterical and you are measured. For seventh, you are a White nationalist and he was just a Trumpian deplorable. For eighth, you are an open Libertarian while he was just a Republican. For ninth, he was an extreme interventionist and warmonger while you are a noninterference isolationist Libertarian type. For tenth, your writing goes into much deeper depth than his does. For eleventh, I think your IQ is higher than his, not that he was a dummy.

      How’s that for a Goddamned cold reading?

      On the other hand, EPGAH wouldn’t give me a nickel and you won’t either LOL, so maybe you are him after all.

      If you really are EPGAH hiding under a nym, speak now or forever hold your peace.

      1. Who the hell is EPGAH? Is that an acronym?

        I will donate. Is there a way to do so anonymously? Pay Pal gives away my name a such. You take bitcoin?

        1. Put it in an envelope and mail it to me if you want. Get a piece of white paper. Hold it up to the light. Put the bill in the paper. Start folding the paper until you can’t see the bill anymore. Put the paper with the bill in an envelope. Write whatever you want as a return address. I don’t know what to tell you about that. You can always put a fake one or a fake name and a real address. I have had many people send me money this way, even from China, and not one bill has been stolen yet. That’s the best I can do for you. And I need to set up my PayPal.

          I knew you were not him! There’s no way on Earth you could be that guy. Someone else thought you were EPGAH but I didn’t think so. The more I do this psychological counseling, the better I get at reading people. It’s strange.

          1. Ok that works. Just email me the delivery address and I’ll snail mail you. This blog is so much fun! Everywhere else is just a gay circle jerk of people in an echo chamber.

          2. This blog is so much fun! Everywhere else is just a gay circle jerk of people in an echo chamber.

            It is! This place is so awesome! This is one of the best blogs on the Net.

      2. Also I’m really a White Supremacist rather than a White Nationalist, but in practice they mean the same.

        I just think Whites are the best thing since sliced white bread and I want the world to recognize that. If that means a land without darkies, so be it but it’s not my stated objective.

        The Confederacy was WS and most definitely not WN. Lol they even paid money for the blackies!

        1. Also I’m really a White Supremacist rather than a White Nationalist, but in practice they mean the same.

          Not really. I live with my brother. He is a White Supremacist all the way, but he thinks a White state is a stupid idea. You are only a White nationalist if you want a White state. All the others are White Supremacists, I suppose.

          I like Whites too but I think a White state is retarded and insane. Also I don’t particularly care if we go extinct. Perhaps we will transition to some better sort of mixed race, maybe a White-Asian mix. That would be such a killer race!

          1. I actually don’t want to see the White race go extinct even if bred into another one. I do suspect however that the longer evolutionary trend for humans is to become a Eurasian hybrid but who knows.

            I would be happy with the U.S. breaking up into at least three countries: a White ethnostate (a la Japan), a liberal cesspool (NY, California and the like), and finally a rump state that is somewhere in between which preserves traditional American values that doesn’t care much for race but is strict on immigration (i.e. no low-IQ retards). I think that is what may happen. I’d live in the Rump of USA but visit and do business with the ethnostate. The Coastal American Liberia can get swallowed up by the oceans for all I care.

          2. All White state/country

            Good luck attracting White liberals, or Jews. How many Whites would support an all White state? 5%? 1%? Are most of them gonna be xenophobic, racist rightwing reactionaries? Count me out. All White nation would blow.

            But the rapidly increasing Hispanic population in USA sucks too. I lived in majority Hispanic neighborhood. It blows.

            The ideal place is a majority White-Liberal society. Preferably 80-90%. A place that tolerates and respects it’s minorities. Kind of like the Old America, sort of.

            Can I get an amen?

  2. Women are masters of weakness but know little of strength. This is why I never fully respected PUA’s. They are not great men like Henry Ford. Women are the fairer and weaker sex. Towering over and dominating them is not an accomplishment for a man, even if many women are happiest right before being killed by a Bundy type.

    Most men seem to lower themselves for women. Of course, letting women dominate men is worse. Men should play the role of loving father to women but be damn sure not to let her hold the reigns.

    Certain women probably make the best torturers. I’ve never seen men more tortured, unhappy, and hopeless than when dominated by a mean old soul-sucking succubus.

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