Black Women Would Do Well to Act Less Masculine and More Feminine

Alpha Unit: Generally, Black American culture is more accepting of directness and confrontation than middle-class White American culture. Whites seem more conflict-averse. Of course, being confrontational can be self-sabotaging in a lot of situations. Plenty of Black women know this (or find out the hard way).

That excess testosterone they have doesn’t exactly help matters. I wonder if a testosterone-lowering drug came out, would Black women take it? The only benefit it gives women is an increased sex drive, but lowering Black women’s sex drive to the level of White women’s would not be a catastrophe for them, as a lot of White women are slavering insatiable nymphomaniacs. The whole idea of taking a drug for this problem might be insulting to Black women though.

I’ve long thought that the less masculine and more feminine and even submissive that Black women act, the better off they will be.

I can’t see why any human would get off on being submissive. I sure don’t. But it seems to be an essential aspect of the Feminine Character as opposed to the Female Character (notice how many gay men get off on being bottoms as opposed to tops) and especially in terms of sexuality.

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2 thoughts on “Black Women Would Do Well to Act Less Masculine and More Feminine”

  1. The more safe and secure a woman feels, the more feminine she’ll be.

    My husband prefers a pleasant, feminine woman. But he doesn’t mind if she has some spirit. 🙂

  2. I agree about Black American women being less feminine and submissive. I think many Black women view being feminine as being weak; you are very right that Black American culture values open confrontation.

    I think that Black women in Latin American and Africa are more submissive. Whatever the faults of Latin American culture, I do strongly appreciate the fact that many Latin American women prize being feminine very highly. I know that polygamy is culturally accepted in Africa, and some women have no problem with it.

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