Alt Left: There Is a Strong Link Between Narcissism and Male Homosexuality

Polar Bear: I suspect some gay men are just obsessed with themselves.

The link between male homosexuality and narcissism is as old as Time itself and has been remarked on endlessly. Perhaps many things have basic Characters or Principles, not just the main races or the (only) two genders but also, say, gay men and lesbians. Anyway, there is classic Gay Male Personality that is stable over time. Go back and read the old psychoanalytic literature about male homosexuality. They thought it was a mental disorder at the time, in part because it actually does look like one. Instead of a disorder, I think it is a “syndrome.”

A syndrome with some predictable characteristics and a classic personality structure. But those old articles are amazing because they could have been written yesterday. I remember I talked to my paternal grandmother a few times about gay men. She was born in the 1890’s and died in the 1990’s. How much does someone who grew up during World War 1 know about gay men? But the things she said about them would have been noted by a sociologist studying West Hollywood in 1984. There’s a basic Gay Male Personality, and it’s relatively timeless like so many things about us two-legged monkeys.

No one quite knows why gay men are so narcissistic. Hypothesis: Gay men have cocks and a male body. Gay men are turned on by cock and male bodies. So gay men are in love with themselves and in a sense, when they fuck, they are literally fucking themselves also?

Curiously, there’s no link between lesbianism and narcissism, possibly because females are just not that narcissistic. The correlate of narcissism in the Female Character is “solipsism.” Until you figure out that females are solipsistic at their core, raw, primal nature, you will always have an incomplete picture of them.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: There Is a Strong Link Between Narcissism and Male Homosexuality”

  1. So if females are basically solipsistic, does this mean their natural tendency is to objectify men or see them as mere objects and not as subjects too? If this is so, then it would seem that all this blather about how men objectify women is just reality turned in reverse.

  2. “No one quite knows why gay men are so narcissistic. ”

    I think that statement is a horse and carriage thing. Rather, no one knows why narcissism produces gay men.

    Well, to get off sexually on your very own anatomical mirror image speaks volumes about yourself. If that is not narcissism, then what is? On observation, many homosexual couples have a tendency of physically resembling each other very much.

    I recall at the time a George Micheal’s death, some photos was going around of him and his partner(s). What struck me about one in particular was here we have two very scruffy faced men looking endearingly at each other. They may as well been looking into a mirror.

    Granted you also have the mixed race couples or hyper-masculine and one hyper-feminine gay couple pairings as well. I believe those latter cases are instances of homosexuality fueled by fetishes and also the need for any sexually-based human couple to inherently fall into the male/female roles of natural heterosexual behavior.

    But it remains narcissism just the same.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Very good article. I am a straight female who had many many gay male friends. Many were entertaining and fun but the amount of narcissistic abuse I have experienced has been overwhelming. I finally cut them off and reading this makes sense to me. They are all the same person. They are all predictable, pompous, and self indulgent. Now that I see the truth, it is hard to see how much of the world they have manipulated as narcissists would.

    1. Thx for stopping by, Kate. You are free to make yourself at home and this most unusual blog if you like. It’s slightly Web-famous and has been around for ~15 years.

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