Alt Left: Liberal California? Californians Voted Rightwing on Eight out of 12 Propositions on the Ballot

Why people keep saying California is liberal is beyond me. My city is 80% Hispanic. But my county voted Trump +13. As soon as you get outside of the city limits here, all the precincts went for Trump. And the Whiter wealthier areas in my city also went for Trump. The Central Valley is not very liberal at all! Yeah my Congressman is a Democrat, but he’s a crappy rightwing Democrat, a Blue Dog Democrat who might as well be a Republican.

Let’s look at the ballot propositions. Either Californians are dumb and get swayed by the big money and their fake lying campaigns on the propositions or they’re just not that liberal. Because the vote wasn’t very liberal.

Californians Voted Rightwing on Eight out of 12 Initiatives

Proposition 15: A fake privacy law bolstering law written by criminals like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the Silicon Valley crooks that actually weakened privacy laws passed! “Liberal” Californians sided with crooked tech billionaire enemies of the people to screw over consumers!

Proposition 16: Bring back affirmative action in employment failed badly. I like that result, but face it, it’s rightwing. So California “liberals” supported an anti-affirmative action proposition.

Proposition 18: Allowing 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 in the general in the fall (Big deal!) failed. That’s a very rightwing vote. California “liberals” voted rightwing again.

Proposition 21: Putting in some common sense rent controls in this insanely overpriced housing market failed again. It always fails! Some liberal state! The Legislature won’t pass it either because all the “liberal Democrats” in there are bought off by extremely wealthy landlords. Some liberals!

Proposition 22: Reclassifying gig workers are contractors so their crooked billionaire employers can keep ripping them off and paying them $5/hour, which is what Lyft and Uber pay their drivers (!) passed! “Liberal” Californians voted for big business crooked bosses and ripped off poor workers!

Proposition 23: Regulating the criminal dog capitalists who run crooked dialysis facilities preying on poor workers suffering kidney failure terribly! They’re not regulated at all right now and that’s terrible for sick workers. California “liberals” voted to keep the dialysis crooks unregulated!

Proposition 25: Changing the cash bail system which keeps workers accused of crimes in California’s”liberal” jails that are as terrible as a Hieronymus Bosch painting before they have even been convicted of a thing, sometimes for years, to let non-dangerous people who haven’t even been convicted of a thing out of jail until they go on trial failed! “Liberal” Californians voted to keep poor workers in California’s Dantesque jails just because they’re not rich enough to afford bail!

Californians Voted Liberal on Four Initiatives

Proposition 14: Funding stem cell research barely passed.

Proposition 17: Restore voting rights for felons on parole passed.

Proposition 20: Increasing penalties for some crimes failed.

Proposition 21: The vote to make some large property owners pay the going rate for their property taxes barely passed. The only “homeowners” it applied to had three or more houses! If you own 3+ houses, you’re a “homeowner?” Get out.

There were 12 ballot initiatives. “Liberal” Californians voted rightwing on eight of those 12 initiatives and voted left on only three of the 12, and two of those barely passed with the skin of their teeth!

California “liberals” are not even all that liberal. They’re more like liberal Republicans. The only way they are left is Fake Left which means SJW Left, which isn’t even left at all. It’s just a bunch of bourgeois “fake rights,” most of which attack Whites and men and vastly privilege sexual degenerates and mentally ill freaks who think they’re the opposite sex against people who are normal sexually and do not have a psychosis about their genitals.

Anyone who thinks that is “left” is insane. Remember the Communist countries of the 20th Century? Remember how socially conservative they all were?

Homosexuality was often illegal. Castro put gays in prison.

Trannies would be sent to an asylum where they belong.

Men were free to be men and women to be women.

No Communist country on the face of the Earth was anti-White. In fact, the USSR and the East Bloc were some of the most pro-White countries the world has ever seen.

Porn and gross, open sexual degeneracy and perversion were banned.

That’s the Real Left. The Real Left is left on economics but fairly conservative on the BS social issues..

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Liberal California? Californians Voted Rightwing on Eight out of 12 Propositions on the Ballot”

  1. “Trannies would be sent to an asylum where they belong.”

    Lol. I actually don’t think most trannies are crazy. They are gay hookers fighting for their libertarian right to transition so they can get straight male sugar daddies and clients. It’s a booming business. Just look at Thai ladyboys making a living off sex tourists.

    The only crazy trannies are the straight males who are turned on by cross-dressing, the so called autogynephiliacs.

    1. Wanting to remove your dick is crazy.

      I am seeing way more trannies at work and used to work with one before he became an ugly fat chick. He was a rather soft-hearted married guy going to be a preacher. He reminded me of Jason. He told me hated Alphas. In hindsight, he probably wanted me. Most gays do, and he wore rainbows before he had tits.

      Unstable gay men with crazy eyes and fake blonde hair is what I see most with 1st World trannies. I’m not far from the factory and have yet to see a passable tranny in person. Trannies, like zits, tend to be harder to look at when White.

      1. I am seeing way more trannies at work

        Let’s face it. It’s a fad, a cult. No actual biological process should show wild increases like this. It’s mostly not even a real thing. It’s just a head trip people get on or really a mental disorder if you ask me. Or a sex kink. Rates of things like that can go all over the place. Biological entities tend to be rather stable.

        In hindsight, he probably wanted me. Most gays do,

        LOL they all want to fuck you too? Ha ha! Now I feel better. Is it because we act gay or is it because we’re goodlooking? Didn’t you say people think you’re handsome? I’m starting to think it’s not because we act gay. Maybe it’s just that we’re handsome. Gays probably go for any hot guy. Straight guys go after any hot chick, so it makes sense.

        Unstable gay men with crazy eyes

        What are crazy eyes? What do they look like? I don’t really see anyone with crazy eyes in the places I go, like to the supermarkets, drug stores, coffeeshop, or gas station. Among the workers and customers at these places, I never see anyone with so-called crazy eyes. Not sure about homeless types. Maybe they look out there. Dunno as I don’t deal with them. Are these crazy eyes types all that common?

        I’m not far from the factory and have yet to see a passable tranny in person.

        They don’t pass. They’re on dating sites claiming to be women. It’s really creepy and a bit hard to spot them. They get really angry if you say you won’t date them. I did see some extremely passable trannies on dating sites from Thailand though. Some of them had me completely fooled.

        1. Gays have wanted me since I was a kid. I used to get my butt grabbed, a lot of childhood friends turned gay (maybe I was the cause), and even now, gays are very friendly. I suspect some are just obsessed with themselves.

          I’ve tried talking to the tranny I knew as a man. He always used to laugh at my jokes, but now that he’s in a woman’s body, she’ll he seems distracted. A part of him seems not with it or even there.

          I was pure masculine in youth and many women chose me over other guys. Gays just want a handsome Chad as well.

          1. I was pure masculine in youth, and many women chose me over other guys.

            You still act masculine, right? You don’t act gay, correct?

          2. Yes, but I’ve toned it down a bit with age. I’ve been pure masculine for such a large chunk of my life that I feel I’ve nothing to prove at this point. I was even masculine as a baby. I rarely cried and didn’t need a “blanky,” stuffed animals, etc. as much as other kids.

            Of course even I get called gay. It’s the preferred insult of many men.

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