Do You Grow on People, Turn Sour on People, or Neither or Both?

I’m living with a bunch of Blacks and Hispanics now and they’re not too nice. Most of them act like they hate me. Some won’t even greet me when I say hello. Others definitely don’t even want me trying to talk to them. But none of them know me at all. They’re just going off first impression crap, which in my case is a bad idea.

The illegal alien upstairs comes over sometimes. We give him some food and he gives us some. His neighbor the Hispanic bitch hates me. She actually called the cops on me one time and tried to get me arrested. The Black lady next door is pleasant enough but she never lets me in.

Terrible First Impression, But You (Very) Slowly Grow on People

The people who lived upstairs before the bitch were really cool. He showed up at the door once with a bong.  Everyone came in and smoked pot with me. He acted like I was the nicest, greatest, kindest, most lovable guy on Earth. God knows maybe I am. I’m shy enough, that’s for sure. So many people hate me but I don’t think they know me. I used to have this young Hispanic guy, a gang associate, come over. He and I smoked pot all the time.

And older Black woman used to come over too. She was a mixed bag. One time they were both over here smoking pot and the Black lady said, “We’re the only two people in this whole damned complex who understand Bob.” She was probably right. I probably am misunderstood. People who hate me usually don’t even know me well. A lot of people don’t like me too much at first, but after they see me regularly for a while, they start to really like me. Maybe I make a shitty first impression and you want to hate me, but after you get to know me for a while, you realize that’s all bullshit and I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Great First Impression Sours: Everyone Loves You at First, but after a While, Some Start to Hate You More and More

I also deal with the opposite, especially at work, where I’m the greatest guy on Earth the  first day of work and everyone loves me, but after a while, more and more people seem to start to slowly hate me, at least a bit. I have no idea why that is either. I am kind of an ass, but it isn’t actually a real thing. It’s fake assholery, if that even makes sense. I don’t even feel good about it. I feel terrible about it and fight it all the time.

I figure I can last a year or two  at any job before the boss hates me so much I get canned. It’s always me and the boss. I don’t do bosses. They all remind me of my father who I hated as a teenager and I’m in arrested development, in a permanent state of adolescent rebellion with a severe authority figure problem. Oh well. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It’s always been love or hate me since I was a teenager though. I seem to elicit strong feelings in either people. No one’s neutral about me! Especially men.

Anyway, Misunderstood is my middle name. Always been that way. C’est la vie!

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