Love and Hate Are Very Close

Love and hate are very close, and if you can’t see that, you were dozing in Life Class.

Most people strongly resist that counterintuitive assumption, as it upsets too many of our carefully set-out apple carts. Those apples taste good and we spent a long time collecting them and we don’t like to see them dirty and bruised on the ground.

Furthermore, we humans have a hangup over the word “hate.” Supposedly it doesn’t really exist much, mostly we just “don’t like” folks, albeit strongly, instead. I beg to differ. That’s crap that we don’t hate. Of course we do. That’s not a mud puddle I would recommend wallowing in, but many things are worthy of righteous hatred. As are many people. It sounds cruel, but if they don’t want to be hated, how bout acting halfway decent?

It’s ok to hate. Just recognize that hate is a powerful tool, sort of like LSD. It’s strong stuff. Too much and you can cause a lot of problems. Use it carefully. Set limits on it. But fear it not. It is after all the other side of the mirror of love and one could argue according to moral philosophy that one cannot exist without the other, that is, without hate or evil there can be no love or good as these things only exist in opposition to each other.

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