Even Genocidal Maniacs Have Sensitive Stomachs

Contrary to popular nonsense, Hitler didn’t invent anti-Semitism. Germany was already crazy anti-Semitic ten years before he was in power.

I remember that Goering went to university in 1921 and none of the German Gentiles would have anything to do with German Jews. It was that bad. Goering that that was stupid and joined the swim team that was full of Jews. He couldn’t care less about Jews. Goering was never a personal antisemite. But he went along with it anyway on a “just following orders” basis and the deaths of many Jews lay at his feet. If you’re Jewish and dead, I don’t think it matters whether he was a personal antisemite or not.

The German military in particular was very anti-Semitic, especially the officers.  But in the war, the military was probably the least anti-Semitic part of the regime. The reason the Einstazgruppen were created was because originally they gave the job to regular soldiers and it wasn’t working.

There was lots of insubordination, faking sick leave, and of those who did it, a lot of hatred for what they did and PTSD. It was a big fail. So they created the Waffen SS – the Nazi Party part of the Army – to do the things the soldiers would not do. The Einsatzgruppen were created out of a lot of SS men and fanatical volunteers. They were the ones who killed all the Jews in the USSR because no one else had the stomach for it.

About the gas chambers and ovens, it’s weird that genocidal maniacs have sensitive stomachs to gross things like death and corpses as they traffic in them so much. At first they were just lining Jews up against walls and shooting them in Europe. Goebbels of all people witnessed one of these mass shootings and became absolutely hysterical. He completely lost it, screaming, yelling, crying, breaking down. He didn’t mind killing people. He just wanted it done in a nice, sterilized fashion where it looked more like an entry in an accounting book than a coldblooded murder.

So they created the death camps. Some notorious ones in the East like Sobibor were more extermination camps than concentration camps. They were just shooting them or even hanging them there and then burying them in mass graves in the fields. Goebbels came to visit one day. Turns out there were so many decomposing bodies in those graves that the ground itself was heaving up and down like some horror movie.

Goebbels saw the ground heaving up and down like that and was told why that was happening and once again, he completely flipped and lost it. Poor guy was a mass murderer, but he was a genocidal monster with a sensitive stomach. Germans were civilized people after all. If you’re going to kill people, be as decent and civilized about it as you can.

Eventually mass shootings themselves in favor of gas chambers as a more sterile, civilized, and even humane way to do this. And the problem of the mass graves was taken care of by the ovens. Ash doesn’t decompose badly. And the disgusting task of gathering up the bodies and putting them in incinerators was given over to Jews themselves (“capos”) as even concentration camp guards (almost all SS) themselves were known for their sensitive stomachs or at least civilized sensibilities.

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6 thoughts on “Even Genocidal Maniacs Have Sensitive Stomachs”

  1. Family men tend to have a tougher time with murder, and I believe NS with wives and kids killed themselves more. Some atrocities happened, but I don’t want to be a part of the exaggeration machine. NS Germans were defeated by the Jews’ sock puppets in the West. Jews weren’t turned into soccer balls, lamp shades, or soap. I don’t buy the gas chambers, seen too many fake ones. Ovens seemed better suited for bread.

    Not big on Hitlers ass-kissing inner circle. Goebbels family may have been raped and ritually sacrificed. Hitler himself started out a great man but crashed and burned like Scarface. The Germans had those race views before Hitler, as you stated. I wonder if Hitler was merely giving his people what they wanted.

  2. Coincidentally I just finished Mein Kampf. There’s absolutely nothing outrageous about it considering when it was written. As I suspected before I began reading it, the Lame Stream Media and Normie Educator faggots were lying or twisting the truth.

    My respect for Hitler increased after reading it. The man had conviction, alright. I find his authoritarianism a bit to much for my liking, but it’s better than the Fagged-out Left and Neoliberal-Neocon Jew-Puppet Medusa ruling the West right now.

    Libertarians, bless their classically liberal heart, wouldn’t be one tenth as effective at solving today’s problems as a genocidal fascist like Hitler would.

    Why? Because Hitler understood the common good and the risks of an open society to succumb to malevolent outside influence. Libertarians are patriots and racially proud, but lack any practical sense aside from opposing bureaucracy and annoying chickenshit crimes.

    Libertarianism isn’t a viable social model for large, ethnically diverse, or low IQ nations. Libertarian society is paradise for the saved. Man is a wicked sinner.

    However, much like a Christian, just because one isn’t in Heaven yet doesn’t mean one shouldn’t carry Jesus in one’s great. All the more reason to. Similarly, everyone should think like a Libertarian. Commies and Fascists alike. When instituting a government policy or law, one must ask, does this make economic sense or is this just securing another cowardly bureaucrat’s salary and pension at the expenses of commerce and society?

    1. Well, as I said before, some Libertarians are secretly White Supremacist fascists or commies of some sort. I mean the real Libertarians like Tom Woods.

      When shit his the fan, and it will in America soon, Libertarians will default to fascism and Leftists to communism. The Right versus Left thing is really a profound psychological trait, as innate as IQ or the Myers-Briggs personality types.

      Another personality axis is the Libertarian vs Authoritarian tendency. But that is more malleable based on the environmental conditions. Even freedom-lovers like me will Heil Hitler in the face of impending doom. “Better him than Stalin,” we’d say, since we are rightwingers to the bone.

    2. The truth is essential. What Jews have been up to is well documented, but talk of them in polite society is the big no-no. I’m fine with just good ol’ American anti-Semitism. National Socialism will likely never catch on again.

      1. In the short term Hitler and the Nazis have been an ABYSMAL failure. Not only did they fail but they left things wore than they found them. They Lost. Israel was formed and now controls the greatest Teutonic nation the world has ever seen: The Jewnited States of America.

        But as Robert pointed out, the Chinese would say, “We’ll see. It’s too early to tell.” It’s only been 75 years since.

        1. Or as mentioned previously: ” I can see democracy happening in China in a relatively short period of time. Maybe a thousand years.”*

          * Deng Xiao Peng

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