Alt Left: And People Keep Incredulously Wondering Why I’m a Socialist and Why I Hate Rightwing and Libertarian Economics


When I say socialism, I’m not necessarily talking about the state running the whole economy. We have plenty of good evidence of the limitations of that model.

Read in that article where it says that $2.5 trillion has been stolen from the bottom 90% of earners by the top 10% of earners every year for the last 45 years. The top 10% of our country is now effectively an oligarchy. And an increasingly violent and undemocratic one, as all oligarchies are under a severe threat from the Left. You see where it says that if all that money being siphoned away from the 90% by the top 10% was instead given to the bottom 90%, your average American family would have an income of $100,000 and not $50,000?

That’s all we “evil socialists” and “evil Leftists” want. We want you, the bottom 90%, to get that money above as you did from 1945-1975 before the Theft of the Century began. We could give that $2.5 trillion to the top 10%, to the rich. Or we could instead not give it to those rich fucks and instead give it all you guys, everyone in the lower 90% of the tax bracket. We’re not even just for the poor. We are for all of the victims of the Class War of the Rich.

What in the Hell is wrong with that?

Why On Earth Are You Supporting Neoliberalism?

This is what rightwing economics is. Rightwing economics says take $2.5 trillion from the bottom 90% every year and give it to the top 10%. That’s all it’s for. That’s all it’s ever been for. Surely if you run a corporation, this economics is in your interest, but it’s not in the interest of your workers, consumers, investors, or the society at whole. It’s you and your corporation against everyone else in society.

It’s for the top 10% tax earners. Which is whom? People making over $100,000/year. So if you make over $100,000/yr or run a corporation, sure, neoliberalism or rightwing economics is in your interest.

What is the economics that the World Bank and the IMF forces on every nation in the South? Neoliberalism, the theft of money from the bottom 90% to give to the top 10%.

What is the economics of every social democracy in Europe? In terms of their  foreign policy, it’s the maintenance of neoliberalism, which is the theft of income of the bottom 90% overseas to give to the top 10% in their own European country. So all European social democrats are really just working for the top 10% in their own and especially in other countries.

A Bigoted Socialist Beats a Woke Neoliberal Any Day of the Week

No wonder everyone’s given up on them in favor of the populist Right. At least the populist Right speaks to the concerns of the ordinary people, the workers. And the populist Right in Europe is very socialist. The party of Marie Le Pen is one of the most socialist parties in France. They’re far more socialist than the fake socialist Social Democrats.

I don’t particularly care if they’re not nice to immigrants, Muslims, and Arabs. So what? I’d rather have racist socialists who support the workers than of antiracist neoliberals. I can’t eat a BLM flag. I can’t pay my rent with a critical race theory lecture. I can’t fix my car by tearing down a stupid statue. Throwing shit at cops for no good reason won’t help me pay my bills. SJWism offers me, a straight White man, just about nothing at all, other than designating me as Enemy #1.

The Democratic Party: The Worst of the Right Combined with the Worst of the Left

There’s an ideology pushed by woke SJW neoliberal entities in the form of individuals like (((Soros))) and (((Bloomberg))) and corporations like the Tech Giants. Woke SJWism + neoliberalism is literally the worst of the Right combined with the worst of the Left. What do you get when you combined the worst of the Left with the worst of the Right? The Democratic Party! The party of Woke SJW Corporate Neoliberal Democrats.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: And People Keep Incredulously Wondering Why I’m a Socialist and Why I Hate Rightwing and Libertarian Economics”

  1. Unfortunately, I have to remind you that what you say about France’s National Front (FN, now National Rally or RN) is political fiction for the most part. It does NOT propose any measure to alleviate the social inequalities now unattended for by the Fake and Faker Left except at times in speeches and empty, fleeting promises of the kind even South American pro-US dictatorships resort to at times.

    In general and especially judging by the Nomenklatura that has always had a firm hold on it, its position on economics has always been a carbon copy of Margaret Thatcher’s and Ronald Reagan’s: Neoliberalism Unmitigated presented as the workers’ best defence against highbrow daydreamers working more and more in close contact with big corporate sponsors.

    The former leader and main founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, copied Ronald Reagan’s politics very closely and in minute detail with the help of the same think-tanks and influence networks, including Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, who have at numerous times provided the FN with office space and amphitheaters.

    Augusto Pinochet is also a hero for the FN, as the party’s official narrative is that this arch-fascist (How the Hell else can we describe him?) general represented the common man’s identity versus the Left, which represented the intellectual class.

    Actually the National Front was for the longest time an antenna in France of the US Republican Party, which also about 1980 insisted on curbing Mexican immigration as the main danger to workers’ revenues, which they never did of course.

    It is only in recent times that the new leader of that party, Marine Le Pen, who is officially presented as the father’s renegade and rebellious successor, has come to position herself on the Center rather than the Extreme Right in an attempt to present herself as the defender of social rights more and more trampled upon by those who still pretend to be socialists.

    But this philosophy seems more like hokum when presented against the reality of FN ruled municipalities that always implement Reaganomics mostly to the benefit the party’s cronies. The underlying idea behind the FN’s Reaganomics is that the administrators of social programs distribute this largesse generously to non-Whites and only reluctantly to Whites, and therefore these programs should be phased out.

    The clientele of that party, albeit composed in great part (not a majority though) of disillusioned former communists having been thrown under the bus by the more and more CIA-compliant Societal Left, can be clearly shown to idealize and even idolize populist America, never former populist France (which was very leftwing when it still existed).

    In general, the first names born by most are American, mostly taken from TV serials that form most of the culture among that class of laid off-workers, in the same way that the first names you find among fake socialists are as exotic as possible, anything but French.

    These people have come to be as ashamed of France and to share the anti-French prejudice rife in Northern England and the American Midwest as the fake left Nomenklatura is in its own way by imitation of the American cosmopolitan elite converted to anti-White resentment.

    The National Front, though officially always suspected of antisemitic undertones in its discourse and of being nostalgic of the times of the German Occupation, was mostly founded and recruited most of it high-rank activists in the former French Algeria’s nostalgic elite, which was preferably Jewish (Jews by the Cremieux Decree as it is called were given French citizenship automatically, which was refused to most Arabs generally).

    It was therefore subject to the whims of the Israeli Deep State, as most of these former Jewish-French elite turned ultra-rightwing Israelis after Algerian independence.

    Most of the few leftwing analysts that have not succumbed to the appeal of Societal Fake Left share the opinion, corroborated by countless historical facts, that that party was suddenly imposed on the national scene as a major one about 1978-81 to divide and destroy for good the traditional national Gaullian social rightwing consensus that had characterized the fifth Republic up to then.

    This would then thus enable Mitterrand’s coalition to win at last and impose himself as the new establishment party by presenting himself as the only leader worthy of leading the anti-fascist coalition made necessary by the emergence of the new populist party.

    The National Front was meant to gather losers, first and foremost menial workers. The New Socialist Party was suddenly qualifying of kulaks to ensure that they would keep losing both on the social plane generally and on the political plane proper. The party was to become a political scarecrow that was to be kept at a level to where it would never to win but instead would guarantee the victory of any candidate, however corrupt, confronting it in run-off elections.

    Macron won thanks to that party having won over the status of the only serious opposition, but the numbers are two to one exactly (Macron won by 66.6% exactly) and above all, Marine Le Pen did everything in her power to present herself as stupid and ignorant in debates and to concede defeat to Macron. She finally gave clear proof that the RN has been a false flag party at the service of the same Zionist neocons that have been ruling the Socialist Party since the foundation of the Fifth Republic and probably before.

    The political situation is framed in incredibly minute detail, and all opposition is 100% sponsored and controlled.

    France is now selling herself as the Supreme Educatrix (a title copied from a pretense Athens once had in Antiquity when it decided no longer to have an empire of their own to care for militarily but instead to submit to all foreign world-reaching empires passing through in exchange for professors’ tenure guaranteed for eternity by her sponsors – first Alexander, then the Ptolemies, then the Romans) of the Globalized World: in practice that means that 96% of Internet censorship demands are filed from France.

  2. I read the linked article a few weeks ago. I was floored. And it filled me with rage to think about how many American continue year after year to vote against their own economic interests. Seemingly with glee. I feel completely disgusted and despondent.

  3. I believe most people would vote for a good man with bad policies than a bad man with good policies. All these cultural wars (BLM vs MAGA) are a great distraction from the real meat & potato issues. Economics, Healthcare, Education , etc.

    OTOH, Whites, politically, strike me as a suicidal race.

    1. Most Whites are suicidal and easily distracted. On social media Whites are posting Blacks, trannies, etc. shedding tears of joy. No sense of self. This social war has just made Whites more emotional.

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