Irritable People Are Worthless Pieces of Shit

Everybody thinks it’s so cool to be irritable, and here in this stupid country, you can never accuse anyone of being irritable because the person you tell it to you will always blame you! They will say, “Oh you are saying and doing things to make this person angry.” I’ve been living with these pure scum my whole life, and I can’t put into words how much I hate them.

One thing that might well be true is that an irritable person may well not like you. If people don’t like you, they act irritable when you try to talk to them. That’s one way to tell if someone likes you or not.

But usually it’s never you. It’s always internal to them. In fact, most things people do are internal to them. Nobody ever admits it because everyone externalizes their internal thoughts and feelings, especially the negative ones. No one wants to admit that they have bad feelings inside of them and that those bad feelings are 10

Instead, if someone feels bad inside, they will look around for someone, anyone, to throw their bad feelings onto. Often they will just pick fights with others. Other times they will shut down every conversation you try to have with them.

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One thought on “Irritable People Are Worthless Pieces of Shit”

  1. It could also be a “cold, hot” thing where they like and dislike you. It’s certainly hellish. Either keep the faith for an eventual turn to hot or get out.

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