Alt Left: Recommendations for White Nationalists

I’m not a White nationalist, so this is coming from an outsider.

Their much-vaunted “White ethnostate” is never going to happen, certainly not in this environment.

Let’s try for first things first. How about promoting race realism and encouraging the adoption of this view among the population? Even that’s an incredibly tall order. Of course, I would support such a thing, but you really wonder what the people would do with such knowledge. It the fear that people will develop some very bad politics that keeps the Left lying about the realities of race.

In a way, I don’t blame them. They think that if the people believe in race realism, the Whites will all go racist. The Blacks and Browns will never believe in it anyway, and the Asians probably already do. The last country that believed wholeheartedly in race realism just happened to be one of the evil regimes ever. The Left figures that if you have to lie to stave off a re-run of that horrorshow, then so be it. I can’t say they’re wrong.

But things are pretty absurd now. You can’t even say that Blacks as a group are objectively less intelligent than Whites as a group. That’s not even race realist as it doesn’t say what’s causing the gap.

It’s just scientific truth.

At the moment, according to the Left, facts are not factual, truth is not true, and science don’t science.

The first thing we could do, even before race realism, is establish the nonsense behind the insane idea that there are such things as hate facts, hate truths, and hate science.

Logically speaking, there cannot be any such thing. Facts carry no subjectivity, itself being necessary for hate. Facts are just sitting there, proven ideas floating in the ether, completely untainted with emotion. Facts only gain emotion when people start putting emotional labels on them, and apparently this is the source of the Left’s anxiety. But alone, facts are emotionless.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Recommendations for White Nationalists”

  1. You need majority say Spanish in Spain for it to be Spain.

    I wonder if America is such a shitshow because of Jewish influence. Their hold on America seems far greater than their incomplete hold on Europe.

    Whites are always in the middle.

    East Asians and East Indians (minus Indo-European influence) are intellectual but not warriors at their root.

    Sub-Saharan Africans are warriors and dreamers. African-Americans on this site are intellectual but are exceptions.

    Whites are in the middle of both. Whites built castles, sailed the seas, and invented the clock, computer, etc. Whites rode with chariots east, on horseback west, and with machine guns south. Conquering the world wasn’t pretty. War is a blood-soaked soldier. Whites at their core are a volatile mix of advancement and warriorhood. Whites have gotten away from the latter, but the right spark can light up that old flame.

  2. What’s so funny is that now things are so bad that race seems like a dinosaur concept. I’d say even the racists are not getting angry about Black Lives Matter because the society seems so corrupt that the racists probably don’t give a rat’s ass about things like that anymore.

    1. I suspect many are “dinosaurs” beneath the surface. Most Antifa/BLM White girls I see are dating White men. It’s like Antifa and BLM are just window dressing like the latest rainbow flag or equal sign avatar.

      The average White Facebooker/Normie I see is a lukewarm anti-White that will post a video of a dumb White Gentile ranting about White privilege. Non-Whites will post the same video, saying, “This White person gets it.” Whites are needed to validate the anti-Whites.

      The Social Left is more loony and emotional than ever. “Whites need to be silent but we also need to end White silence.”

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