Alt Left: If They Can Get You Asking the Wrong Questions, They Don’t Have to Worry about the Answers

Ever notice all these corporations getting on board the Cultural Left stuff? There are several reasons for this.

  1. First is that they can use fake progressivism (the Cultural Left) to gain progressive credentials and woke points, both great for public relations.
  2. While they are at it, they get to divide the workers into squabbling factions who are too busy fighting each other to fight their class enemies.
  3. And of course it is a grand diversion. Look over there! Let’s talk about transsexual bathhouses for all ages. Let’s not talk about economics or foreign policy. This is known as changing the subject to avoid talking about unpleasant subjects.
  4. And last but not least, this is a form of “progressivism” that doesn’t cost them a nickel!

First there was greenwashing, fake environmentalism by corporations, now there is wokewashing, fake progressivism by corporations. Same animal, different subspecies. In this way, corporations can “launder” their “illegal” moral failings into “legal” woke points.

It’s also a classic diversion tactic: get people talking about something else. Shell says let’s not talk about Ben Saro-Wiwa, murdered under our watchful eyes. Let’s talk about our support for the woke 1619 Project instead!

The theme here is basic to power politics, and straight out of Parables for Paranoids (h.t. Tom P.): If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: If They Can Get You Asking the Wrong Questions, They Don’t Have to Worry about the Answers”

  1. The Cultural Left seems like mad hatters lately. Everything is feelings-based with these clowns. Offend a person with no original thoughts and lose everything. The corporations’ progressive heart is fake, but the non-White, Jew, etc. are its sacred non-dismissable acts.

    Trannies are a distraction. They have no real #s or independent influence other than being a new act in the freakshow. A tranny is a leader of a diversity group in town.

    A hospital in town decided to have a company outside the hospital run the kitchen. The old workers left crying with no retirement. New hires were mostly Blacks from ATL, and the new managers treat these new hires like slaves. There’s a high turnover rate. Profiteers reap the rewards of a broken system. No one cares about permanence, legacy, families, honor, etc. anymore.

  2. Fake recycling. My high school had recycle bins, but the recyclable bins were all emptied in the dumpster. Same thing with many mask recycling bins.

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