Alt Left: Starting to Really Wonder about (((Antifa)))

*Note: in the text below, Jews means Israel unless otherwise noted. I’m actually not referring to the Jewish people in the Diaspora themselves. Yeah. I’m conflating your shitty little country with your tribe, dammit! Why shouldn’t I?

Ever notice anything? BLM or even antifa never go after the Jews* (Israel) even one time. I’m actually convinced that antifa is running cover for the Jews. Anyone with the balls enough to stand up to the Jews gets labeled “fascist” by antifa. Getting labeled fascist by antifa means they have the right to beat you up, kill you, invade your country, kill your people, etc. Antifa are this generations Trotskyite traitors.

I am starting to think that some of these Western Commies (mostly the antifa-allied loons) and the antifa anarchists are some sort of weird (((controlled opposition))) to divide the Left. Gee, I wonder (((who))) could be behind that? I’m not saying that antifa is a Jewish project. Maybe it just ended up that way. I actually think it has more to do with the fact that antifa is swarming with (((certain people))). Some of their biggest propagandists are Jews who are obviously running interference for the Jews, all in the name of anarchist revolution!

Antifa is absolutely obsessed with anti-Semitism to a degree that few on the Left are. That strikes me as odd.

Of course, we know why BLM never says a single word against the Jews. I believe it has something to do with their (((donors))), you know what I’m saying. Ah, yes! The eternal (((donor))) question, the graveyard of all US progressive movements. Someone really is behind the scene pulling the strings of the puppets. It’s the “money guy.” It’s no conspiracy theory either. If you want to explain most things in politics, geopolitics, etc., it’s pretty simple: follow the money. Jesus was right. It is the root of all evil.

Though some of their top spokesmen are absolutely anti-Semites. But they are the bad kind (Nazi conspiratorial antisemitic racist nonsense) and not the good kind (in opposition to (((that shitty little country)))).

Antifa and the Western Commie lunatics:

Hate Russia. It’s “fascist.”

Hate China. It’s either “authoritarian,” “fascist,” or “capitalist.” The last two are not true.

Absolutely hate Assad and actually support Al Qaeda and ISIS’ war against Syria! It’s all part of the (((Syrian Revolution))), brother! Syria is “fascist” and “anti-Semitic.”

Hate, hate, hate, hate Iran. Iran is run by “fascist mullahs” and “antisemites.” Support the (((Iranian revolution))).

Hate Hezbollah. Hezbollah is “fascist” and “antisemitic.”

Mostly hate the Palestinians from what I can tell. Apparently all Palestinians are “antisemites.”

Hate North Korea. Murderous, I guess.

Hate the Lebanese government. It’s run by “fascist” Hezbollah, don’t you know? Support the (((Lebanese revolution))).

Support the traitor (((Kurds))) in their war against the Syrian people and the theft of their land, all the way to allying with US imperialism and the Jews, believe it or not.

Support the war in Afghanistan against the “fascist” Taliban.

Not one single peep about Israel, ever. Kinda like how (((Isis))) never attacks the Jews. Ever notice that either?

Not one single peep about any US ally!

Not one single word against the (((Gulf States))).

Not one single word about the real Nazis running Ukraine and the Baltics. Actually antifa supported Nazi Ukraine in the recent war with Russia!


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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Starting to Really Wonder about (((Antifa)))”

  1. I know some BLM White women. They have anti-Nazi avatars on social media. I reject the dismissal of Nazis and Southern Whites, seen as the Jews and niggers of the White race by some.

    I’ve seen a pic of an old Jewish woman behind BLM. Jewish tentacles are deep into anything bad for Whites. Non-Whites are more Christian than Whites these days, so it’s racial. I like Jews I meet, I don’t encounter any dirty Jew trash antifa types. Many have told me they are old fashioned. Great, so am I.

    Almost every feminist, anti-White Black, etc. seems brainwashed by Jews though. Everyone just mimics Jew propaganda on social media; it’s all that (((Zuck))) and Jewgle/Jewtube allows. Jews have preserved themselves well, but they’ve been shit for controlled outgroups like antifa, BLM, and normies in general.

  2. The Muslim baddie in (((films))) is usually Iranian. Palestine is a rock throwing kid, Israel is a Golden No Limit tank. It was never a fair fight.

    Jewboy ISIS destroys a bunch of ancient monuments in the Middle East. Jewboys BLM and antifa destroy old monuments here in the US.

    US should just say, “Goodbye Jews!” North Arabs and Iranians can fill their void minus the headache.

    1. Jews are so tiresome. Do they ever sleep? Sometimes I think they just stay up 24-7, hatching this weird machination and that.

      1. (((They))) sort of box anyone and everything worth a damn into a corner. Any White man not as soft as Richard Simmons is an anti-Semite, everything of value in your European culture is anti-Semitic, basic humanity towards Palestinian kids is anti-Semitic, ect. Ok fine, I guess I’ll be that.

    1. Antifa are so woke they are gay. I stumbled upon antifa gear and they specified genderfluid as a category and had what looked like a non-White female-to-male trans modeling an anti-racist Viking shirt.

      Ukraine displays the folly of neo-Nazism today.

      Antifa seems like the OG (original gay) clusterfuck though. Total confusion financed by Soros types.

  3. I know a perfect-looking antifa girl. If your goal is simply to get women, it’s probably best to keep silent and let them fill in the blanks.

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