Alt Left: The Great Replacement is No Conspiracy Theory

The Cultural Left says that the Great Replacement Theory, which states that Whites are being replaced in their own lands, is a “conspiracy theory.” This means it’s not so. It’s not happening. It’s all a big lie. The (((SPLC))) is particularly big on this.

But (((Mark Potok))), a particularly obnoxious SPLC attorney, actually has a calendar in his office counting down the years to when Whites will be a minority in the US. This is obviously something that this man is very much looking forward to. I assume he is also pushing  the notion that The Great Replacement is a fake conspiracy theory too. Yeah, a fake conspiracy theory that he himself believes in and participates in. I really hate people like Mark Potok. He’s so disgustingly dishonest. I’m sick and tired of liars. I get lied to all day long every single day and after a while, it really gets old.

Isn’t it obviously a fact that we Whites are being displaced in our lands? I’m not saying it’s good or bad. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad depending on your perspective. I’m not even sure it’s been done on purpose or with malice. It may just be accidental or a side effect of some other goal.

But the fact that we are being replaced is utterly uncontroversial, right? I’m sure we could even prove scientifically that we’re being replaced.

How can saying that Whites are being  replaced in their lands possibly be hate speech? It’s true. It’s a fact. It’s even a scientific fact. How can facts be hate speech? How does that even make sense? According to the Cultural Left, the truth itself or better yet reality itself, is hate. Observation of reality and reporting what you see with your senses is hate speech.

Reality is hate. Observation of reality is hate speech. The world has gone completely bonkers.

We are being gaslighted in the worst possible way. We are being told that reality itself is a lie. We are being told that there are two realities. The real reality, which we can take in with our senses, is apparently all fake! And some fake or fictional reality that doesn’t even exist is actual reality! From an ontological point of view, that’s very disturbing. You keep getting told and after a while you are going to wonder which reality you are in, the real one that is fake or the fake one that is real.

I was driving in the mountains near the Creek Fire the other and thinking about this. I looked out at the expanse of forest rolling by my windows and I started thinking, “Are these trees even real? How do I know they’re even real? Am I really seeing them? Do they exist in actual reality or in some fictional reality. It was disturbing as Hell to think like this.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Great Replacement is No Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Potok, a Jewish faggot that looks like George Lucas decides what hate is. These anti-White Jews keep popping up like moles in a whack-a-mole game. I think White displacement is a bad thing long-term but can be enjoyed until the sun finally sets. A slight browning with a Hispanic elite is fine by me. Some say East and/or South Asians will rule. Blacks and Jews will be worse off without Whites. Imagine no East Asians in East Asia, no Blacks in sub-saharan Africa, ect. If Europe isn’t White European, then what’s the point?

    1. There are plenty of Whites in Southeast Asia. So much so that I believe that there won’t be any real Thais or Filipinos within the next 10 years as they are all such a mixed race now due to all the foreign sex tourists. But you don’t see Asians complaining about being replaced. This is how the world will be in the future. Racial, sexual, ethnic, linguistic, religious identities will diminish.

    2. Is he really gay? LOL if he is.

      Can you believe this disgusting piece of shit? He runs around screaming that the Great Replacement is a Nazi conspiracy theory and everyone who believes in it is an evil Nazi, except this scumbag believes in it himself, and even worse, he seems to be one of the people driving it on. Hell, he even has a calendar in his office counting down the years until a White minority! I really hate lying pieces of shit gaslighters like this kike. And that’s what he is. There’s Jews and there’s kikes. He’s not a Jew. He’s a goddamn kike. Hey Mark Potok! Fuck you!

  2. Things are so messed up lately, it’s more like “all people” are being replaced, honestly. Well, the racial politics served it’s purpose in the pre-covid 19 era.

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