Alt Left: Trump Is Actually One of the Worst Neocon Presidents Ever

Trump isn’t dangerous at all. He’s an anti-neocon. And you hate neocons!

He just said this against the military industrial complex.

This is only the start. It shows how Trump is actually an extreme neocon, possibly one of the worst neocon presidents ever. Part of the problem is that Trump is a sworn foot soldier for the Jews. All of the wars we have been involved in in the Middle East are Wars for the Jews in one way or another. I don’t want to say that Trump is controlled by the Jews,  although perhaps that is the case. He is simply, like almost all US politicians, a fanatical supporter of the Jews and their shitty little hate state.

A military industrial complex that he pumped full of lots of money with massive hikes in the defense budget. An MIC that he did the bidding of in Saudi Arabia by selling them billions of dollars of weapons.

He is a neocon. His administration has been horrific.

Palestine/(((That Shitty Little Country)))

He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews and ratified the Jews’ theft of the Golan Heights.

He supported the Jews in every crime they committed against the Palestinian and other Arab people.

He is allowing the Jews to steal the West Bank.

His (((son in law))) offered the Arabs the worst peace deal they have ever been offered. Trump upped that with a “settle or else” threat.


He helped the Jews drop a nuclear bomb on Lebanon, then he overthrew the Lebanese government with a color revolution in an attempt to get rid of Hezbollah, also done for the Jews.


He lied that Iran fired missiles at Saudi Arabia when it was the Houthis in order to frame Iran.

He did a false flag attack against two merchant ships in the Gulf, shooting them with drone missiles from a US drone, and then lied and said that Iran did it with “limpet mines.”

He tricked Iran into shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing almost 200 people. He did this by turning off the transformer in the jet somehow and at the same time jamming the radar operator’s radio. By turning off the transformer, the jet looked like an enemy aircraft in a passenger lane.


He killed Soleimani and Muhandis using the Jews’ intelligence agencies.

He dropped supplies to ISIS every day in Iraq for many months. Regional politicians complained about this every day in the Iraqi Parliament for months. The British helped us drop supplies to ISIS, and they were even caught doing it once. After the dust-up with the Iraqi government, he started dropping supplies to ISIS in Iraq again.

He’s threatened the Iraqi government because we told them to take a hike. He unleashed US Marine snipers to shoot at demonstrators in those anti-government demonstrations and he started those demos in the first place. He threatened to have the President of Iraq killed if he didn’t go along with Trump’s orders. He threatened to attack many of the Iraqi army’s bases.


He trained ISIS to fight in the Bukmal quarter in Syria, an area of Syria that the US conquered and occupied against all international law. He brought in ISIS fighters, gave them new uniforms and a new name for their army and then sent them out again to fight the Syrian army. ISIS used to the Quarter to stage many attacks against Syria. When Syria tried to fight back, ISIS ran back to the US protected quarter. When Syrian militias tried to pursue ISIS in the Quarter, we bombed them.

He tricked 200 Russian mercenaries into taking over an oil field so he could attack them, killing most of them while Pompeo crowed about it.

He’s in Syria stealing oil, wheat, and cotton.

He killed 2

He’s trying to stop the Syrian government from rebuilding itself.

He conquered and occupied a large area in Northeastern Syria using a proxy army of the Kurds.

He participated in two fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria that blamed the Syrian government. There were no chemical weapons released in either attack. In one attack, many Al Qaeda hostages were simply murdered and said to have been killed in a chemical weapons attack. In the other one, people killed in a bombing strike were passed off as chemical weapons victims. The OPCW came in and wrote up report saying there was no chemical weapons attack, and Trump threatened the OPCW and got them to rewrite the report. So Trump actually succeeded in corrupting the UN itself.

He pulled a fake attack against Russia by telling Turkey when a US jet was going to be in the area. The Turks lied and shot it down, saying it was over their territory when it wasn’t. Both pilots were killed by Turkish Al Qaeda. They could not have known where that jet was going to be unless the US told them.

He helped ISIS kill two Russian generals. ISIS could never have targeted those mortars so accurately without our help.


He pulled off two fake poison plots against Russia.

North Korea

Trump threatened to attack North Korea itself, a nuclear power. He threatened a “punch in the face” attack.

He increased sanctions against North Korea which include food and medicine. We stop ships that are heading to North Korea with food.


He installed a fake president in Venezuela after a free and fair election which he lied and said was crooked.

Then he tried a number of armed coup attempts against the democratically elected government.

He tried to assassinate President Maduro with an armed drone.

Now he’s running actual death squads.

He started riots for years that killed many innocent people. His rioters set a Black man on fire for being a Black supporter of Chavez.

He put a severe embargo on Venezuela that includes food and medicine.

He stole $21 billion from the Venezuelan government.

He helped the British steal $4 billion in gold from Venezuela.


He put massive sanctions in Iran, Syria, and Lebanon for the crime of opposing the Jews that included bans on food and medicine.

He also put sanctions on Venezuela and Nicaragua for the crime of having socialist system.

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17 thoughts on “Alt Left: Trump Is Actually One of the Worst Neocon Presidents Ever”

  1. Almost all US politicians are fanatical supporters of Jews and Palestines parasite. I’ve seen a former US president speak and he was smothered tightly by a group of Jews. A small group of Jews act as the US presidents overbearing Jewish mother, hanging on until well after their little boy served.

  2. Aside, from Trumps direct provocations/sanctions of NK, Venezuela and Nicraragaua, and his strikes on Iranians, how can you rove it wasn’t Israel behind these attacks on Russia? I think you just don’t like him because he’s a Republican.

    IF we get two terms of Trump and no large scale U.S. involvement in the Middle East, he’s not a neocon. Obama and Hillary will end up being the bigger neocons, not to mention the Bushi Klan.

    Anyway, this is a big rap sheet against The Donald. I’ll spend some time trying to verify these things myself. Thanks for the list.

    And yes, that other reason is why I support him.

    1. The US did all of those attacks on Russians in Syria. Israel wasn’t involved. Anyway, Israel would not attack Russia in Syria. Israel and Russia are allies, disgustingly. If you go to Russia Today and diss Israel, your comments get deleted. Putin is sucking up to Israel bigtime.

      I think you just don’t like him because he’s a Republican.

      I don’t like any Republicans LOL. Also his policies are absolutely horrific from my POV. I don’t mind some of the anti-immigrant stuff, but he’s gone too far even on that. The anti-SJW stuff is ok, but he also takes that too far. I’m not against everything he says and does though.

      You know I’m not a shithead black and white thinker like 95% of humans. I actually believe in shades of gray. Most humans say shades of gray don’t even exist. Everything is just black and white. It’s fucking stupid but there must be a reason why people think like this. Why do people black and white everything. Does it make thinking easier? Does it alleviate anxiety?

      Cognitive dissonance, which people like you and I revel in, probably drives most people into a frenzy. I guess if you black and white, you don’t have to think much about anything. Everything’s either black or white and that’s that. It’s very easy and calming way of looking at the world.

      Everyone I know does this. Even people with 140-150 genius IQ’s!

      1. It comforts me to know there’s a few things you do like about Trump. To be fair, I didn’t like his Fed crackdown, and I do think he’s too Jew-friendly. His daughter is married to one!

        They things we disagree on are probably the things one of is is ignorant about. I become more open to “left-wing” ideas the more I learn about the truth, not the neoliberal and neocon propaganda that was shoved down my through in school and in the news.

        I’m 100% sure you’d be more economically conservative if you’d worked or studied in the financial world. Even a little bit. It’s not stupidity on either of our parts, just ignorance.

        My goal is to convince sane and smart Leftists like you to not trust any big government or bureaucracy. And more importantly, never to believe that the evils that arise from human society can be eradicated by adopting a new system. The gods eat popcorn and laugh while watching these pathetic attempts.

        I call myself Libertarian, but that’s not accurate. I’m seeking the truth as much as humanly as possible. I’m currently sojourning in the land of Libertarians. One day, I’ll pack up and leave. Most of them are odious and crazy anyway.

        Yeah, I’m a “racist” but for a good reason: I’m not blind. But it only goes so far. My concern is with people accepting and propagating the Nordic genome. It’s so damn good. It comes with built-in guilt and self-abnegation! I’m less concerned about getting rid of the niggers than with breeding the Crackers! I guess that makes me a nice person. Lol.

        I also want science to find out why the Nordic of shoot of Caucasoids is so damn smart, superior, and beautiful. Scandinavians are doing well both in the U.S. and at home. I want those genes injected or at least cultivated in other races.

        Imagine all the suffering that would put a halt of the over 2 billion brown and black bastards of the world behaving like monkeys that can talk! It’ll be non-Nordics with Nordic-like qualities. I’m one of them if I may say so myself. I’m of Mediterranean descent and swarthy. Yet I have a brain that would make Goebbels proud!

        Am I racist? Hell yeah! But I have a heart and gratitude for the beautiful gift of life from God. I want to share it. And unfortunately, most people White or not are too stupid to overcome their cognitive dissonance and slowly set themselves free and accept their own mortality. And all those niggers of the world, so dumb and caught op with day-to-day violence, poverty, and disease, have almost no chance. I can’t blame the for being so angry.

          1. Spaniard via two Latin American countries. Northern Spanish via my mother who is Germanic in appearance. I can trace all our ancestors back four generations on this side. Mid-nineteenth century to mid-twentieth century immigrants, mostly from Castile. Hardly anyone in my maternal linage that is not from the same city, even those born in LatAm! Amazing how people chose to congregate and fuck in those days.

            Not sure about my father. He’s Southern Mediterranean looking and his family has been in his country for many generations, but definitely not conquistador old. They probably fucked a slave or two through this lineage. Or worse ,a Jew! My last name is suspect and showed up on a list of Sephardic names.

            I’m somewhere in between in appearance very much like Ben Shapiro! Ugh. Most people think I’m a Jew or Italian.

          2. That’s all right. I like Spaniards.

            Most people think I’m a Jew or Italian.

            That’s ok. I think Italians are really goodlooking people. Spaniards too. I really like Meds. They’re some of my favorite Whites.

          3. In general, Mediterranean men, European, Levantine or North African, are more handsome than Northern Euros. But the opposite for the women. This is probably an IQ and sexual dimorphism thing going on due to evolution.

            Negroid men are the hottest and sexiest, most athletic Alphas; Mongoloids the least. The opposite for the women. Also, men prefer lighter on women. This has also been demonstrated in various surveys.

            I think that what make South Euros so hot is that they lie right smack in between the white-brown Caucasoid diaspora. And since in all human populations, men tend to be darker and women lighter, what you get is countries full of swarthy Caucasoid men with some fair women in proportions not found anywhere else. So in Spain and whatnot, there’s a bit of every Caucasoid type for all types.

          4. Northern European men can be quite handsome-
            German-Austrian Christoph Waltz:

            British Isles mix Ralph Fiennes:

            Meds can be good looking too-
            Spaniard Sergi Lopez:

            I like Med women and I recall Robert does as well-
            Spanish Penelope Cruz:

            Northern women are probably the most prized because the world is generally swarthy brown men attracted to their opposite:

            For Blacks, I personally find the lighter skinned Whiter featured pre-civil rights African-American men look better. For Black women I’ve always liked Stacy Dash.

  3. Dems I know hate Pelosi but want Trump out more. I think the cunt factor will sway alot of fence-sitters towards Trump. It’s another hate or love Trump election. Many on the left were passionate about Bernie but he’s not in it this time either. Some got excited for Kanye too. It feels like dejavu to me with Kamala-Pelosi in place of Hillary. I predict the same result.

      1. Many are saying Biden will step down and Pelosi will be VP. This may just be a rumor but it’s spreading like wildfire. I find Bidens off the wall comments funny but he likely is mentally ill. The cold-cunt combo is far less appetizing for voters. A coworker said “Don’t be a Pelosi!” to his daughter that was acting out.

  4. See what happens? Because of the way I write about race especially, the only commenters we get on here are rightwingers. And I hate rightwingers! This has been a problem for over a decade on this site. I don’t think there’s any solution. The funny thing is most of the rightwingers who come here because of my race talk end up thinking that it’s not extreme enough or even that I’m some sort of an anti. What the Hell? No matter what I do, everyone seems to hate me LOL.

  5. I’m racial. “I’m racist” is one of the first things I said here. Blood is thicker than kool-aid. Where I part ways with rightwing collegues is I believe liberalism works in White European nations, Scandinavia may be the best example. I’d rather vacation in Greece though.

    1. Yeah, but you’re ok. You’re not a fanatical rightwinger and your racism is awful subdued. Claudius is cool too. We disagree on economics, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m amazed at how many things Claudius and I agree on. I think it’s because he’s a Libertarian. I actually get along with Libertarians better than typical Republican conservatards. They sound like broken records. Claudius is not a broken record. He thinks for himself. That’s so refreshing!

      I don’t really care if people are toned-down racists here. That’s between you and the group of people you dislike.

      Where I part ways with rightwing colleagues is I believe liberalism works in White European nations, Scandinavia may be the best example.

      This is the stuff I really care about here. I don’t really give a damn about all this race crap. It’s not my fight.

  6. Europeans thriving and leading is what’s best for every human. I work with a Mexican from Compton, and she prefers it up here in MN. I care about non-Whites but White European culture was onto something greater.

    Mostly, race is just interesting.

    You both fit into the gray and are not lacking in gray matter. A lot of civic nationalist Libertarians would most likely turn on Claudius as the Social Left has turned on you. You both are exceptional.

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