Alt Left: Repost: “Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitzed Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger,” by Novusipsum

An older article that has aged quite well. It’s as true today and the day it was printed fully eight years ago. Not even one thing has changed even one bit. I hate to talk like this but I really think that India is hopeless. I hope I’m wrong but I gave up on this Dystopia of Damnation some time ago.

This is a great piece by an Indian blogger that he left on my blog as a comment. The original is here. It’s very good, and it’s actually quite well written. He takes on his country in a way that is not often seen in Indian writers.

I particularly enjoyed the bit about Kashmir because it rings so true. Almost every Indian I know goes nuts when I mention Kashmir. They raise their voice and start pounding on the table as their faces gets red. They tell me that the problem is 10

However, when I tell them that most Kashmiris hate India and that many Kashmiris have taken up arms against India, they insist that I am wrong. Most every Indian I met was exactly like this. They are like drones, utterly indoctrinated by some Borg. They are brainwashed on this subject as bad as a North Korean.

Most of these folks are what you might call middle class or upper middle class educated people. A number of them had university degrees and were quite intelligent. One man used to be a university professor.

Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitized, Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger

1. School

While people remark on shortage of functional schools in India, I say the kids who don’t go to school have it good. The national curriculum is odious and objectionable, seeing as it is designed for kids who bow down before all authority and the various empty suits regardless of whether they make any sense at all. You cannot contest your teacher. At all. Ever. Such behavior is simply unacceptable. Put another way, the system is a hundred percent authoritarian.

School kills all your creativity. Creativity, especially of the extroverted kind, is not encouraged. There are tried and tested methods to break the will of those who are too free. The system is based on rote-memorization. You must bend your mind a certain way to do that: it means all the rules are already laid out and decided for you. You do not need to think. Your brain must function in a certain way. Any challenge to the established order will make you a pariah.

Kids learn how to secretly and openly hate each other over the grades they are given for breaking their own will and doing pointless mind-numbing work that will be of no use to them at any point in their later life. The focus is on merit – on who is better at following rules. No wonder India has not produced a single India-based world-class scientist, technician, engineer. Science, technology, and engineering after all,re fields where your ability to think is highly valuable.

Barack Obama does not need to worry about Indian kids out-smarting American kids. If they do, it will be by doing hours of grinding and rioting, and when they do, the rest of the world need to start worrying.

This system is evil!

2. Parents, Teachers, Peers

All these people are the product of evil Indian schools and other cramming establishments and will force you to succeed in a way that they deem appropriate. You must resist this but you can’t. They are everywhere.

Your peers will pressure you to bow down, submit, and ‘teach you the value of money’. In other words, how to be a vicious gold-digger. Money is nice but being a nasty, evil, little scummy gold-digger is a degeneration of your soul that even Indian’s ascetic scat-munchers do not attain.

Indian people are therefore nasty and selfish to the extreme. It is of no surprise, seeing their upbringing and their environment.

3. The environment

Your average Indian city, town, village is a primitive clusterfuck without running water or proper sewage disposal. Casteism is rampant; stupid people need little motivation to be proud of what is after all a genetic accident. They think their bloodline is ‘pure’ and grind the ‘lower’ caste people down into the dirt. Respect for human life and dignity in India has to be the lowest in human civilization.

The streets are narrow and dirty, usually overflowing with broken sewage and water lines (which frequently mix), and the garbage the average Indian household does not feel ashamed of throwing on the streets. Any kind of social grace is completely absent, people shove and push each other, vehicles honk incessantly and without reason, and the local temple’s loudspeakers blare out shitty religious hymns.

Living and growing up here, you will learn little by little to let go of your humanity. You will get desensitized to the beggars and lepers in the street: emancipated, poor and trodden down. You will see old men and women driven out of their homes by their sons, eyes pleading for mercy and trying to make sense of the plethora of people around them who ignore their plight and pass right by.

Your average Indian will not even notice the squalor on the street or the helpless human beings on the street. He will simply accept these things as a part of life, which is why things never improve. He is the selfish product of a callous, heartless, and evil system. He will never change, and western democracies should not allow such people into their homelands. Not even for a ‘visit’.

4. The Media

Catering to a large middle class that pretends to be educated, some people have taken the initiative to bring them these people latest news of the world. These people are funded by rich business interests with their own agenda as well as Hindu nationalists. They make the usual salutary noises about bad governance and bloated bureaucracy, things that are so odious that it even permeates the thick bourgeois skull. This is why the middle class types buy newspapers and watch news—they can relate to it.

But the most vicious thing the media does is to fill the average Indian with a sense of pride and nationalism, something that certainly goes against all basic logic and sanity. What people would be proud of a country like this? Only brain-washed, selfish jerks that the education system produces and the media maintains.

The average Indian is full to the brim with national pride that he has no logical reason to feel. His ideas on casteism and the workings of the society are reinforced by editors of the national dailies and the news channels.

His stance on Kashmir, a truly beautiful place inhabited by beautiful people, has been drilled into him incessantly. The parable of Pakistan exporting its terrorists (not that it doesn’t – and it turns out the Americans knew about it all along) to India and that the Kashmiris love India (Huh?) has been in print for thirty years now. Of course, India is always the poor, helpless victim.

5. College

Most people in India never even graduate from their high schools, let alone college. And I say good for them. Because the system feels the need to grind out all kind of potential competition it may get from any future thinkers.

If school doesn’t manage to turn you into a humanoid selfish fuck, your college certainly will. India’s unemployment problem is vast. Of the colleges that ‘guarantee’ any jobs such as professional degree mills like IIT, NIT, AIIM, etc., it is interesting to note that only Indians think these places are good. An independent peer review ranked the ‘best’ IIT at around 350th at world level. Yet the middle-class scramble for securing a seat there so intense it simply has to be seen to be believed.

Millions (you heard that right, millions) of middle-class Indians right now are rioting, grinding, and chewing equations, formulas, and facts for entrance exams that maybe a hundred of them really understand. These people aspire to be ‘engineers’ and ‘doctors’.

The workload is so immense that you can’t find time at age 16 and 17 to ogle girls (or boys), party, learn how to drink beer without making a face, or hang out with your friends. But what am I saying? Hell, most Indian people don’t find time to do that ever in their lives anyway.

College itself is a turdfest -professors with massive egos, an anal-retentive and callous administration, and overall awkward social interaction between the sexes. Girls hanging out with boys are labeled ‘hookers’ and ‘sluts’. Massive sexual repression is the hallmark of this point in your life, and given the pressure to rote more equations and secure a job, you’d be lucky escaping the place without a drug habit or a drinking problem.

Is there anything good about India at all? With fertile plains to the north, large iron ore deposits to the south, the biggest aluminum stores in the world and 3

The only thing wrong with India is Indians.

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23 thoughts on “Alt Left: Repost: “Why Growing Up in India Makes You a Nasty, Cruel, Desensitzed Faux-nationalistic Gold-digger,” by Novusipsum”

  1. Finally an India article again. I thought you had let that subject go. Keep posting- You are a voice of reason. What is happening here is absurd and if you were privy to the situation here you’d die of shock. India related articles also get views and comments.

    1. I need to post more of these, if only old ones. A lot of the regs left and a lot of the people here are newbies. A lot of those articles were awesome. Like this one!

  2. I’ve read low caste kids are often raped then slow-hanged(no neck break) or burned alive. Can’t get more morally bankrupt than that. White Europeans should rule India. Imagine the poopy water of India turning into the purest, most drinkable water on Earth. That’s what White Europeans could do for India. Shame the Western man lost his balls.

  3. Very good thread. Indian civilization also has the retarded caste system. Although retaining the last Caucasoid strata of Indian society would be ideal – the only reason the caste system was even around. I just wish there was some way to retain the Bramhins and the Jats without the massive inequality between them in status.

    Generally though, I think India needs to outbreed more with Europeans to undo any disgusting Australoid admixture left remaining in the Indian strata. Half of the DNA generally is good. It’s mainly Neolithic Iranian. The other half is similar to nigger monkey. It’s awful. It’s literal Homo Erectus tier.

    India’s system and failure to modernize I think is most likely due to the low IQ present today. Ideally, once any outbreeding with Europeans or generally West Asians occurs, India ideally would be a predominantly Caucasoid population with no Erectus admixture.

    Also this comment is dead fucking serious.

    1. Oh, shut the fuck up. I live in India, and Brahmins and Jats are black as shit and are absolutely disgusting looking people. They shit on the streets and rape girls daily. The caste system has nothing to do with skin tone. Nor does region have anything to do with skin tone. Go to Jammu in extreme North India, and people there are black as coal. Only Kashmiris are a little different due to living in cold temperatures. The rest of Indians are dark-skinned, with very few fair ones who make up less than 1% of the population.

      There was no Aryan race. It is all bullshit. Indians wish they were White, especially Brahmins. This is why they spread their genetic nonsense all over the internet even though they are subhuman looking, talk in a stupid accent, and rape little girls.

      India is a shithole.

      1. I took the bus with an attractive White Indian woman yesterday. The more White ones look similar to Middle Eastern people, which can be quite light. What gave her away was the stench of curry. Most Indians are probably on the browner side, even todays Brahmins, but light skinned Aryan Indians still exist. To deny the existence of Aryans is non-sense. This site and most all research outside of India proves their existence.

  4. Jews are easier to deal with than Indians in person. We usually take a shine to each other, and only Jewish women can truly appreciate me. It’s the elite Jews crypto-crap that grinds my gears. Most Jews I meet are small like dwarves. One of hottest chicks I have ever seen was a Jew. Curly brown hair with a slight natural tan, like a perfectly roasted marshmallow.

    Arabs (I believe Saudi) were friendly. One would offer fruit from his pockets. A gift-loving people, I gave one a fake gold coin with chocolate on the inside. He seemed treasure it like it was real gold. It likely melted on him. A work friend of my Mom’s is one of their escaped slaves. They just left the hotel door open and she ran away.

    I have a half-Lebanese uncle with ghost-white skin. He shows no Lebanese cultural influence. A Lebanese guy just knocked up my grandma.

    Middle Eastern Whites overlap with European Whites a lot, Iranians especially from what I’ve seen.

    Indians act like down-to-Earth gurus or they’re uppity royal classists that expect the same treatment they got back home. I’ve met more of the latter than the guru types.

  5. All the capitalist world is the same. I wouldn’t single out one nation.

    Basically the desire for more in life and all the classism is just part of our disgusting human nature.

      1. The best part of India is not capitalist, it is a social democracy.

        This would be the state of Kerala.

        Social democracy did not work in the North – fundamentally I feel you need a homogeneous culture so society – but in Kerala it worked well.

        Also, in Northern India capitalism worked to horrible effect within the caste system. The Brahmin had been waiting in the wings as compradors, and once the British were gone, they transmogrified it to a 1 percent oligarchy on roids.

  6. You should really debunk the recent border clash with china, Robert I find their media regarding the clash as pure nonsensical

      1. Chinese are like praying mantises. They look like innocent prayers and play the victim with Westerners and Japanese. But are colonial with their smaller mates. Granted, their form of colonialism isn’t the worst and I’d prefer their rule to Jews.

        1. Look at all this human trash coming to my site (I’m deleting all their comments). I keep trying to figure out which is worse, reactionary Republican Party dipshits or SJW idiots. I think it’s a tossup at this point.

          Unfortunately, at this point, you’re either one or the other. You’re a Republican Party reactionary idiot or an SJW pinhead. It’s like there’s no way to be neither. You have to pick one form of retardation or the other. There’s no third option. Pathetic.

    1. You’re one of the old commenters, right? I think I remember you. Chinese nationalist. But you’re the more cool kind (I think).

  7. I am from Pakistan and I actually believe that the things that the ‘Indian Blogger’ said are 100% true and are also valid for my country, Pakistan. The school systems in both countries are based on ‘merit’. That means if you score high grades by whatever means like giving out money to the corrupt Teacher or memorizing the books, you will get promoted. The one thing I agree with is that kids are not allowed to ask questions. Do you know why? Because the teachers themselves do not know the answers.

    I am a middle-class boy who has learned everything from the Internet. I am able to learn English all on my own by reading, speaking, and writing on daily basis. I think my English is good enough to be understood by the people who read it.

    The other thing is overpopulation. In the next few years, Pakistan will have crossed over 220 million people, the process shows no signs of stopping, and people do not even talk about it. The process is ongoing and people are making an average of 4 babies. Some even go higher and make up to 10 babies. Due to the higher population, we are suffering from heavy traffic jams, garbage, broken sewerage systems, potholed roads, all with no infrastructure to support the present population numbers.

    I see no future for Pakistani people. The smart people have left the country, and they are well-settled in Europe and the rest of the Western. They do not want to go back, as they knew the system is not gonna change.

    The only positive thing about Pakistan right now is the green revolution. The PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has launched a massive campaign to plant get the country to plant as many trees as it can to reverse some of global warming. Almost 1 billion trees have been planted already, and the plan calls for the eventual planting of 10 billion trees.


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