Alt Left: How We Got Here: The Origins of Identity Politics and the Modern Cultural Left

There is a ready explanation for all this nonsense.

First is the tendency of Identity Politics to become more radicalized with time.

There has long been an argument on the Left against this BS. Sanders actually came out of that tradition.

The US White Left married with the radical Blacks. After they did that they started heading down this nutty race train track along with all the other IdPol madness.

The entire Left moved away from economics and foreign policy to go down this cultural road instead. Perhaps 1989 was a trigger. The Eastern Bloc collapsed and the US Left was in disarray and didn’t know what to think or even believe. The dictatorship of he proletariat, democratic centralism, it was all up in the air now. Further, it seemed the Communist economics in the East Bloc had not kept pace with socialist social democracy economics on the rest of Europe. A lot of the US Left packed it in on economics and started to focus on cultural BS instead.

The Left now is nothing but pure IdPol. Ever see BLM or Antifa morons say one word about US foreign policy and US imperialism? Course not. Ever hear them say one word about neoliberal economics? Course not. That’s what drives me up the wall. Here is a movement ripe for radicalizing against the US ruling class program of neoliberalism at home and invite the world – invade the word neoconservatism abroad. Let’s call this combined package Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism. That’s a rightwing project any way you slice it.

But at the same time, the ruling class went full left on culture. Hence the Libertarian-type fiscal conservative-social liberal of the upper middle class in the last 40 years. Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism plus the Cultural Left. What a project! It’s literally the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right! And the upper middle class is proud of this nightmare ideology. Which is one more reason that this class, which always sides with the ruling class against the workers, is no good.

Now that the Left bailed on anti-imperialism and left economics in favor of a pure Cultural Left, what are they doing with this new ideology? Why, they are rioting about nothing at all or at worst for an outright lie. Brilliant!

But if we get police reform out of these riots, it would be good. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

Thing is the corporations, foundations, media, etc. and both political parties are down with this Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism project because they’re businessmen and rich people, and Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism is good for them for reasons I won’t go into here but perhaps you can guess at.

This Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism project is how the rich, the corporations, and the U.S. ruling class make all their money. So they oppose Left efforts against Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism such as the 60’s revolutions with all-out ferocity. If such a movement arises, they will sic their media attack dogs on it, smash it to bits, and brainwash the sheep via their media monopoly to go along with this destruction.

The thing is that this is a perfectly safe progressive project. It doesn’t cost them one nickel, and they get groovy hip woke points for jumping on the bandwagon.

How much of the US ruling class are going to lose out on an anti-White project? 0%.

How many of them will be replaced by an unqualified Black via affirmative action? 0%.

How many of them will be replaced by an illegal alien on their jobs? 0%. Illegals are great for them – cheap labor, more customers, a guy to mow the lawn, and a nanny to watch the kid. They don’t live with illegals so they don’t have to deal with the civilizational decline that they cause. Pro-immigration is risk-free progressivism for woke points, and what do you know? It stuffs their pocketbook too! Win-win!

Does the US ruling class have to live with the consequences of Black crime and civilizational collapse? Course not. They don’t have to deal with the downside of this crazy movement so they can support it all they want. See?

Also, the US ruling class has been socially liberal and Neoliberal-Neoconservative for a long time now.

The Left won the Culture War.

But so what?

We lost the Economics and Foreign Policy (US imperialism) War. They even defeated the Vietnam War Syndrome, a bad thing because it posed a severe threat to US imperialism.

So what did we win?

Our women have become insane, manhating harridans. If you ask a woman for a date now, it’s sexual harassment and you can be fired. We overthrew Patriarchy but replaced it with something worse – Matriarchy or Female Rule (Feminist Rule) – with all the manhating, war on male sexuality, and horrific puritanism that always goes along with it.

The latter is most painful to me as a 60’s child. One of the revolutions was the Sexual Revolution. Our attitude was “do it in the streets!” Now look. If I ask a woman for her #, it’s sexual harassment and you can get the police called on you. All sexuality has been sucked out of public space by #metoo, so it feels like a sexual desert, which is apparently the way women want it! They actually like to live like this.

And at the same time as this crazy Victorianism, we also have a society drenched in porn. So my personal world is porn saturated, but if you so much as look at a woman, she might act like she’s going to call the cops. How’s that for crazy cognitive dissonance? No wonder incels exist and go on killing sprees. Societies can’t handle grotesque cognitive dissonance. It literally drives people insane and often results in serious violence.

What else did we win? Modern anti-racism – a movement with great roots that has gone insane and is worse than useless.

What else? Depraved, disgusting, and lewd gay pride parades. Great! My favorite!

“Pansexuals,” “queer” as a noun, “genderqueer” and “nonbinary” nonsense, and the insane and depraved transgender cult. It gets sicker and more perverted, weird, and stupid every year. What’s next? Transsexual bathhouses for all ages? Back then, we fought for liberation, not weirdness, sickness, perversion, and deviancy.

Further, these Cultural Left boneheads have badly divided the working class. Check out this great plan they had!

Let’s have a revolution!

Cool! Yay!

But first lets get all the non-White workers to hate the White workers!

Cool! Yay! Oppressors and oppressed!

And while we’re at it, let’s get the woman workers to hate the man workers! Oppressors and oppressed!

Cool! Yay!

Now let’s have a revolution, boys and girls!

Whoops. Whoa! What happened?

No one showed up! That’s what happened.

Why? Because we got them all to hate each other!

Brilliant! You got to hand it to these guys with these genius ideas of theirs.

What I mean is this Cultural Left project is easy for the ruling class to swallow. Many are already decadent, depraved rich people, so the sicko stuff works for them. Rich men get all the sex they want. If a rich man asks a woman for her #, does she threaten to call the cops? Course not.

Homosexuality? The ruling class is always full of gay men and all manner of decadent bisexual libertines. Works for them.

Trannies? Cut into the bottom line? Course not. Support.

The ruling class has been left on social BS and right on economics (neoliberalism) and on foreign policy (US imperialism) for a long time now. It works for them and doesn’t cost them a nickel! Hell, it even makes them bank too!

And you see the outgrowth of this ideology in this destructive BLM movement that makes the Black workers hate the White workers and vice versa.

Brilliant! Way to go, Lefties! Why didn’t I think of that?

The ruling class loves this because they benefit by dividing the workers and getting them all to hate each other so they won’t organize against the Neoliberalism-Neoconservatism bread and butter issues of the ruling class.

It also explains why BLM won’t dare touch economics or US imperialism.

See all those corporate and foundation millions flooding into BLM?

Kiss them all goodbye once BLM goes after neoliberal economics and neoconservative foreign policy, for this is what fills the bank vaults of the corporations and ruling class.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: How We Got Here: The Origins of Identity Politics and the Modern Cultural Left”

  1. That’s what I’ve been wondering about these protests. Looting, tearing down statues, etc. isn’t going to do a damn thing to stop the plutocracy. If they really wanted to do something, they would go after the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, the student loan companies, the robo-signing mortgage companies and all those other scumbags.

  2. Absolutely nothing you list of that shitshow is leftwing. I am a child of another civilization (the 1960’s – but already the Left’s agony) where all that jazz was right away pigeonholed as typically fascism or at best extreme-right narcissism. All that jazz is founded on the general idea that producers in a society are losers – inferior beings, even merely intellectual producers – and that to bequeath a better world to the following generation is the imprescindible sin.

    Mussolini and Salazar were never that right-wing, murderous though they were.

    I have been studying the BLM movement, and I have the honor to confirm to you that this current is 100% identical in its ideas, cultural themes, and political action methods to Haiti’s François Duvalier’s PUN (Black Unity Party) I happened to know from near.

    It is based not on the promotion of Black race unless you are still caught at the first initiation degree but instead is based on black magic: it is absolute evil for the hell of it. The latest news I saw about that movement confirmed they are resorting to the very same school of spirit invocation and spell casting as Duvalier’s party did to get into power, which is not Haitian voodoo but Anglo-Kabbalism origin instead.

    The BLM movement cannot have any leftwing character because there is absolutely nothing leftwing on the American continent as of now: America’s soul is Israel. Mark my words: America’s soul is not controlled by Israel or enslaved to Israel – it is Israel.

    Israel is nothing more than the projection on the geographical map of America’s soul through black light issuing from America’s third eye. In Israel you’ve got two things: Neocon Extreme Right (albeit relatively secular though not immune from a cultish general tone and a personality cult) and Regressive Religious Extreme Right Proper.

    There is a third party in Israel, Qadima (“Forward Marching” in Hebrew). This is also of Extreme Right but like Macron in France – as he is also of a branch party (Forward Marching Republic) – its philosophy is multiculturalist and pro cultural creative destruction rather than neocon.

    It never garners enough votes in Israel to succeed in alternating with Bibi who is Likud (neocon par excellence) but sometimes allies more with the Religious Right Proper to form his coalition rather than allying with Likud. Only branch parties overseas are able to do this sometimes and they can wreak havoc when they do so.

    But in Israel the Center-Left that once existed and governed is now 100% extinct except in the virtual world presented by the Haaretz newspaper which is for overseas consumption so as to reassure foreigners that Israel is not a fascistic state, which it definitely is the same as as Mussolini’s Italy never was.

    I have to rectify what you say: Trump is not at all a neocon. He is a Templar, a superstitious religious and occultist Zionist hoping for the reconstruction of the Third Temple of Jerusalem. He is not of the neocon school, which is way too secular for him given the fact that neocons started quite often as ex-Trotskyites. To Trump there is no forgetting or forgiveness once you have been leftwing or simply humanistic one single day in your life.

    Trump is a religious fascist preparing the war of the end of the world and ready to burn the planet which he considers evil, though limiting himself to America would not afflict him that much. Trump is there to bankrupt the USA into oblivion like he bankrupted into oblivion all the enterprises that were entrusted to his expertise as a CEO, as in reality, he always worked for unsaid third parties.

    In 1980, Spaceship USA entered with Ronald Reagan a very dangerous black hole’s orbit. Getting free of that attraction would have needed a furious thrust spacewards during the 1990’s that followed Reagan’s reign. Alas, no such thrust was provided under the Democratic alternative, quite the contrary – the fall continued deeper and deeper into the black hole.

    Now it is too late: Trump is the black hole in person, or better said the asshole in person, and spaceship USA is already in the zone no light can issue from so as to transmit any signal outwards : in particular no prayer stemming from America is heard by any angel as all prayers are redirected to Mammon. Once you are at such a point in a black hole, the only possible next step is fracture.

    There is no future after Trump. Trump will most probably be reelected, as Israel’s Netanyahu wants him, and what America votes for follows by irrepressible instinct what Israel prefers, no matter what even America’s own Jewish and Zionist elite wants. But once Trump wins, the Democratic party will never accept it and will start a War of Secession, and this time the Union will loses though the Secessionists will win nothing.

    On one side you will have Gilead as described in Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, on the other Duvalier’s Haiti extolled as the most perfect political system ever. But things won’t stay there: once the US break into two, it will go on breaking into 4, 8, 16 … up to more than a thousand warring kingdoms sponsored by foreign mafias and contending totalitarian powers.

    Once the US are too busy making such a civil war to defend themselves from external aggression, the greater likelihood is that Russia or China nukes preemptively most important cities and bases before the US army destroys the planet under the orders of an emerging dictator.

    After Trump it is Pence and it is pure wicked religion and Biblical interpretation. After Biden, who is demented, it is Harris who promotes the BLM movement to the point where it is an organ of government and behaves like Haiti’s Tonton Macoutes with a sprinkling of Khmer Rouge fake Marxism.

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