Alt Left: Racial Pride Yes, Racial Chauvinism and Hatred No

Claudius: Holy crap Robert! I never thought I’d see you cheer a gun-totin’ white boy.

LOL. Well in the previous article you will note that I hate:

  1. SJW’s worst of all
  2. then ghetto Blacks (nor Black people, dammit),
  3. then cops, and
  4. last Republicans like this kid.

It’s all a matter of who I hate less. I hate guys like Kyle way, way less than I hate SJW’s, White or Wigger or not. As a matter of fact, I don’t hate Kyle at all. Normally I would dislike him, but I am choosing to ignore his politics. I don’t hate Claudius for his politics either.

I realized a long time ago that if I take a deep, long look at most of my family members and friends, there was at least one thing about them that was perfectly horrible and was justifiably utterly hate-able. So if you are going to associate with other humans at all, you have to give them some slack. Realize that there are a few things you detest about them, be ok with that, and in general, choose to ignore it and focus on their good sides. Most of us are not our worst day. Far from it.

Anyway, Claudius is awful damned open-minded for a rightwinger!

Isn’t that pathetic?

The Right is now the erudite, open-minded, tolerant, and peaceful people, and the Left is the ignorant, closed-minded, intolerant aggressive fucks. Exactly the opposite of the way it’s been most of my life. And yes, it is like the Cultural Left resembles the old rightwingers back in the day. I have a feeling that they have more in common with those old rightwing dinosaurs than we want to admit.

Just shows you how insane the Cultural Left is getting that I am actually pro-cop for the first time in decades and I am even supporting a Goddamned Trump supporter for blowing away two of my comrades.

Me? I hate cops! And here I am on the cop subs, cop forums and cop videos, cheering them on all the way.

And for the first time in my life, I feel a sense of camaraderie, empathy, and shared humanity with police officers. I still basically don’t like them deep down inside, but I also like them now, as they trump others on the hate scale, so nowadays I’m mostly thinking about how I like them, and I’m not in touch with the part of me that hates them much (it’s buried). You follow? I actually feel good that I have expanded my humanism a bit.

I’ve always said that one of your goals in life is to hate as few people as possible while also realizing that countless people deserve to be hated. I hate way too many people as it is. Any chance I can get to cross some people off my hate list makes me feel a bit better inside.

I’m not a racist all (by any sane standards), and as sane people like Polar Bear note, I actually have a soft spot (bend over backwards to be nice to when I probably shouldn’t) for Blacks. That’s just my old guilty liberal conscience. I don’t think true Lefties or liberals can never go very racist. They can go a bit racist, but then they run into the brick wall of their liberalism, and their liberalism just stops them from going further. Liberalism makes you softhearted and hostility towards real racism is rather baked into our souls.

More importantly, though I reject White Supremacism, White nationalism and the ethnostate and all of that extreme, excessive, obnoxious racism that goes along with it, I still very much love my people. Rather than being pro-White, I suppose I am anti-anti-White. I’m against the anti-Whites.

I like being White. I love my great White people. I love White culture, White music, White architecture, and White chicks. Whiteness is baked into top to bottom, and I’m all right with that. One wants to reject the conformity and sanctimoniousness of white picket fence White culture, but when you see the degenerated (as in a general decline in most important things) other cultures, I’ll take my White culture, warts and all. Life often isn’t so much about what’s good but more about what’s not as bad as the alternative things.

I was born a White boy and will die a White man, and I am perfectly ok with and even proud of those facts.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Racial Pride Yes, Racial Chauvinism and Hatred No”

  1. “Anyway, Claudius is awful damned open-minded for a rightwinger!”

    Well, I’m a Libertarian so surely I must a occupy a fifth slot on your hierarchy of hate. I’d be offended if you lumped us in with rank and file Republicans.

    The bulk of any political group will be normal IQ normies, all with stupid verbal IQ’s. You, RL, claim to be bad at math, but clearly you’re good at verbal reasoning. It’s well known to psychologists that verbal, mathematical, and visual-spatital IQ are three separate things. In fact, Whites beat East Asians on verbal by a little bit, and this might explain their recent historical supremacy, at least in commerce and innovation.

    I took many math classes in college. Once you enter higher math, the numbers go away, and it’s really all symbols and proof-writing! It’s all words. Don’t believe me? Just crack open a freshman level calculus book and then open a graduate level real analysis (the foundations of calculus).

    To understand that material, you need both a high verbal and mathematical IQ. Many kids make it to higher-level math classes in undergrad based on solely high mathematical IQ’s only to be in for a rude awakening. Being good at calculation is only useful to carpenters and accountants, not mathematicians, formal scientists, or philosophers.

    I scored in the 99th percentile in the Verbal part of the GMAT and got a perfect score on the essay. This is a test with a reference population of mean IQ 112. So a 99th percentile score naively translates to a verbal IQ of 147 (= 135 +12). In reality, it’s not a perfect measure since you can study for it. But if you want to give me a range: V IQ of 140-150.

    My point is that for biological reasons I’m a race realist right-winger, and I can’t help it. But also for the innate reasons predetermined at birth, I’m too damn smart to be closed-minded. The same for Robert. Verbal IQ allows you to read and digest the material. It imparts the ability for deep thinking that the other IQ subtypes don’t.

    “Life often isn’t so much about what’s good but more about what’s not as bad as the alternative things.”

    When these riots began I was cheering the protestors. Now I smile when I see those fascist pigs fuck ’em up. Yes, I still hate cops and the Police State, but successful war is all about making alliances with people you’d rather not than with those you definitely won’t.

    1. Claudius, I had asked you once before- can I have your email- I wish to speak to you on certain subjects of life.
      Or if you’re not comfortable, can you send me a hi on and I shall revert back


  2. “I like being White. I love my great White people. I love White culture, White music, White architecture, and White chicks. Whiteness is baked into me from top to bottom, and I’m all right with that. One wants to reject the conformity and sanctimoniousness of white picket fence White culture, but when you see the degenerated (as in a general decline in most important things) other cultures, I’ll take my White culture, warts and all. Life often isn’t so much about what’s good but more about what’s not as bad as the alternative things.”

    You have a mature understanding. In this day and age, White culture is not conformity but rebelling against the norm. You have a Miyagi-do or defensive approach to anti-Whiteness. I too believe in balance but feel the culture is so anti-White that an NS Germany or the like wouldn’t even balance out the rest of the world.

    1. Where you been? Up at the North Pole? What’s it like up there? I heard all the sea ice is melting. How bad is it? Are there still plenty of seals to eat? Have you considered becoming an urban bear as exist in parts of Canada and just hang out on the outskirts of town by the dump and scavenge? Hey, at least you’d be alive.

      PS. What does seal taste like?

  3. In regards to higher math and intelligence, those proof-writing classes are insanely difficult! It’s hard to explain just how hard they are until you take them. I’m serious. I’ve never experienced anything like it before or after.

    Higher-level math is to academic studies as DMT is to all other drugs. It’s in its own category of difficulty. Perhaps metaphysics and theoretical physics/syntax/computer science can equal the difficulty, but the latter are really just math. As for metaphysics, sure, but that’s built on logic, which is a formal science intersecting with math.

    Real math, not the dumb gay calculation shit which are just techniques in numeracy that most people, including engineers and scientists, learn a fucking mess. It’s like being in a lucid dream.

    If you ever walk into a higher-level math class, you can rate the students by asking them if they understand what’s going on. The only people who could ever answer that question affirmatively and honestly are messianic-level genius like Newton of Gauss. Trust me, no one, maybe not even the professor, knows what’s going on, no matter how much they may claim to understand.

    The students ought to be ranked based on their answers as follows:

    (1) [The Philosopher King: Socratic self-admission of ignorance]
    “I have no clue, I just followed the proof-patterns and somehow arrived at a reasonable conclusion.”

    (2) [The Humble Idiot: self-aware of his own incompetence]
    “I have no clue. I’m guessing and getting the answer wrong.”

    (3) [The Dangerous Fool: mind poisoned by hubris]
    “I understand things perfectly! See how I always get the right answer!”

    The best way to explain the apparent anomaly of the Dangerous Fool (3) who spits out the correct answers yet is still truly ignorant of the subject at hand is to use the metaphor of stamp and its imprint.

    Let’s say you stamp a paper with a stamp and show the imprinted pattern to a wise person who’s never seen a stamp before. Now ask the wise one (1) if he understands the nature of the stamping device, the “stamp”. He will say, “No! Though I could reproduce the imprint with a pen and ink, for I can reckon the pattern on the paper, yet I know not what this “stamp” device you speak of is. Its form, its usage, its cause – all unbeknown to me!”

    Now ask the fool (3) and he will say, “Yes! I can reproduce the imprint with a pen and ink for I can reckon the pattern on the paper. The nature of the “stamp” device matters not. All that matters is the outcome. In fact, I can make variations of the pattern. I now have the power of the stamp at my disposal!”

    Yet the fool above has no knowledge of the actual device. Does it have a wooden handle? Is it a scare block? A movable type on a Gutenberg press? An old Chinese woodblock print? Without this knowledge, the fool can never innovate on the stamp technology, nor fix it if it breaks.

    The wise Philosopher King above actually stands a chance at improving and innovating mathematics because he knows that we must seek the inner workings of the theorems. Making facsimiles of imprints is like earning a first degree black belt: it’s only the beginning of your karate journey. You’re not a master yet, you’ve simply learned to imitate successfully the fighting forms of your masters. This applies not just to math, but to all facets of knowledge. All we should ever know is that we know nothing.

  4. I don’t see the big deal with liking many cultures at the same time, even though I admit I like some more than others. Again, the thing with the Cultural Left is they’re demonizing White culture the most because it’s an agenda.

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