Joseph Rosenbaum, Kenosha Victim, Apparently Raped a 15-17 Year Old Girl In Arizona in 1992

Joseph Rosenbaum, shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse in the Kenosha Riots, had a record for two counts of sexual contact with a minor in Arizona when he was 18 years old. Of course, the fucktard normies (same thing) representing 95% of the American population, have insisted that this means he was a pedophile. Well, of course it doesn’t and this is more of the grotesque and insane abuse of this medical term.

If you want to establish that he was a child molester, that’s one thing, but they haven’t even proven that. On the surface, it appears that he  committed statutory rape of a 13-15 year old girl, but that’s neither child molesting nor pedophilia of course.

The charge on its face is a class 3 felony of Sexual Contact with a Minor. Just looking at that law, it seems to mean statutory rape of a girl under 15. She would probably be 13-15 because below 13, I’m sure he would have been charged with Child Molestation. So the implication is Statutory Rape of a 13-15 year old by an 18 year old man, which is hardly the crime of century and arguably should be simply legal (especially for the 15 year old). Sex with the 15 year old would have been legal under many states’ Romeo and Juliet clauses.

However, I looked into this a lot deeper, and I now conclude that his crime was Rape by Use of Force or Drugs of a 15-17 year old girl. I don’t know whether he used force or drugs to rape the girl, so I will leave that part uncertain.

The reason I came to this conclusion is a bit convoluted, but it involves understanding of the intricacies of Arizona sex offenses laws. He was charged with a Class 3 felony Sexual Contact with a Minor marked with D/NR, meaning Dangerous/Non-Repetitive.

If the girl was 13-14, it would have been a Class 2 felony, not Class 3.

If the girl was 15-17 and it was statutory rape, it would have been a Class 6 felony and marked ND/NR, meaning Non-Dangerous/Non-Repetitive.

Via the process of elimination, that leaves only Rape by Force or Drugs of a 15-17 year old girl, which is a Class 3 felony.

He got two years for the second count, which is probably another girl but could be another instance of sex with the same girl, which seems insane to prosecute but then I already told you how much I hate this American Injustice System, right. I believe this was a Class 6 felony, which would mean statutory rape of a 15-17 year old girl at age 18. Hardly the crime of the century and it certainly doesn’t warrant two years in prison, but see above for my comments in this vile system.

I was wondering why they slammed him so hard for some petty statutory rape of a 13-14 year old girl when he was 18, which is really no big deal. It hardly warrants a 10 year prison sentence!

But now it all adds up. He was a rapist! He didn’t commit statutory rape of anyone. He raped a 15-17 year old girl either by force or by the use of a drug. Raping a 15-17 year old girl, even at age 18, is a pretty serious crime and explains the 10 year prison sentence.

It also explains the huge list of disciplinary actions in prison, a number of which involved violence. And it explains this absconding on bail a couple of times as well as his recent arrest for domestic violence. It explains why he has spent the majority of his adult life in prison or jail (13.5 out of 18 years). These latter behaviors fit in with the behavior of a convicted rapist.

Joseph Rosenbaum was a violent man with significant antisocial tendencies. I have no idea if he was a psychopath or not, but he surely had an elevated PCL score. His continuous run-ins in jail and failure to abide by terms of parole and bail show that he had serious authority problems or simply disregarded authority altogether, which is an antisocial symptom. It explains why he was so violent in attacking Rittenhouse. He became an antifa in part due to his Left politics but also no doubt as a more pro-social outlet for his violent and antisocial tendencies.

Joseph Rosenbaum was a convicted felon, a rapist and domestic abuser who spent most of his adult life in prison. He was a violent man who lived by the sword and died by the sword. Sorry, no sympathy this very bad man.

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