Ignore Her – One Tactic

If you want to keep the cheating heart, and you can’t get away from her, then why not ignore her? No sex, cuddling, or nice words.

That’s the only tactic I’m left with.

Another thing is to cheat back subtly – you know, what’s been done to me.

Oh, what about Brenda, wasn’t she looking so hot today? But how to do this effectively? Ideas? This could be fun.


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2 thoughts on “Ignore Her – One Tactic”

  1. Quite a dilemma.

    Maybe I’m old, but are relationships nowadays all about playing these mind games? It’s one thing to have to play mind games at work or with people you don’t really care that much about, but who wants to come home and have to play mind games with someone you’re living with?

    Your home is supposed to be the one place you DON’T have to deal with petty bullshit. At least that’s how my husband sees it.

    1. Well, my sin is betrayal so really the only way to reverse it is to show myself brave on something that truly matters to the woman. Sitting there and ignoring her “police officer cucking” – while somewhat fun – won’t end the pain.

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