Alt Left: Comparing Psychopathy Levels in Blacks and Whites

Comparing Psychopathy Levels in Blacks and Whites

Let’s compare White women to Black women, not for any particular reason except that we could have picked men or women and arbitrarily I chose women.

Now first of all, White women act dramatically better than White men and Black women act remarkably better than Black men. But that’s partly because psychopathy manifests in different ways among the sexes. In women, psychopathy manifests as Mata Hari, the femme fatale, a scheming, thieving whore. She’ll drain your pocketbook the moment you turn your back on her, but she won’t physically hurt you.

Now in men it’s so much worse. First of all, although theft is the one crime that women specialize in  more than any other (leaving prostitution aside), even in thievery, men commit more theft offenses than women. But the levels are only 2-1 and for many other offenses, it’s 9-1 or 19-1.

Not only do psychopathic man thieve even more than psychopathic women, but they commit all other crimes, particularly violent crimes, at a very high level. A psychopathic women will leave you broke and wondering what hit you. A psychopathic man will leave you injured and dazed and w0ndering what hit you, worse, in a hospital or with permanent injuries, and worse than that, in a grave.

I’d rather dealing with thieving whores than be dead, I don’t know about you guys.

Psychopathy Levels between White and Black Women

If an average White woman is a 5 on the PCL (Psychopathy Check List) scale (20 being the threshhold for psychopathy), I’d say the average ghetto Black female is a 10-15, or 2-3X as psychopathic as a White woman. Now these women are not psychopaths at all. They’re within the norms, so they’re non-psychopaths. However, psychopathy, like so many measurements, is a continuum ranging from 0-40. I believe Ted Bundy scored a perfect 40 on the PCL.

In other words, we’re all a bit psychopathic. And that’s fine. Some of us are probably not psychopathic enough, I imagine. I’m probably too low in psychopathy and I assume that’s why people keep trying to walk over me like a rug my whole life. At some excessive point, pacifism is a flaw.

Maybe it keeps us alive. But like so many things, a little bit may be harmless or even good but too much is a disaster.

Now the rest of the Blacks, let’s say half if ghetto Blacks are 50%, who I would call middle class Blacks, probably have fairly normal psychopathy levels probably around those of White women.

Perhaps overall they are mildly elevated, a 7 or an 8 to make the scales even out, as Black women are twice as psychopathic as White women, and the ghetto types are ~13, so the middle class ones have to be ~7 to get to 10. All of these figures are made up, mere placeholders so to speak, but the differentials are the same.

I would like to point out that I do not have a lot of evidence that middle class Blacks have even a slightly elevated psychopathy level, as they seem to act about like White people as far as I can tell. The middle class Blacks aren’t the problem! They might as well be White people! The problem is the ghetto Blacks, and boy are they a problem.

People often talk about how outraged many Whites are by the behavior of far too many Black people. From what I can tell a lot of this outrage probably stems from elevated psychopathy levels, particularly among ghetto Blacks. Even if most are not psychopaths, elevated levels within the norm as readily apparent in life. We think a lot of these people’s behavior is low-down and immoral at core. That’s the main complaint. The rest is just side dressing.

These folks do things on a quotidian basis that would quickly get you shouted down, then threatened, then punched, then evicted from most White communities. And here are ghetto Blacks, acting the exact same way that makes you persona non grata in our towns, traipsing along as if nothing is the matter, without a care in the world, and nary a trace of guilt. And yeah, the feeling that arouses in me, a White man, is simply outrage, for lack of a better word.

It’s so audacious, that someone would even think of acting that way. At the very least, if one acted so terribly, they should feel bad about it. I’ll give one at least a bit of respect just for having that hint of circumspection and moral reflection. But to act that way and not feel even 1% bad is something I cannot even comprehend.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Comparing Psychopathy Levels in Blacks and Whites”

  1. Well, psychopathy is misleading. Maybe people could do with MORE OF IT. Some so-called Black bitch might have good reason to say what they say, and they DO SAY IT.

    1. Just leave out the so-called part. There’s no need for that with most of the real ones. Then again, a lot of Black women are not bitches at all. Alpha’s nicer than most White women. I guess she never swallowed the Bitch Pill. Yeah, she gets mad sometimes, and you don’t even want to be around her when she’s mad, trust me. But it’s always for a very good reason. I every time she did it with me, I have to admit that I fucked up pretty bad and crossed some of her red lines.

      I’m actually rather afraid of her but she keeps me acting good because I know what her red lines are so a lot of my posts, no matter how outrageous they seem, are usually pretty toned down.

      Alpha mostly just defends herself, and even then, you really have to push her because she’s so tolerant. All in all, she’s probably the sane polar opposite of the classic Black bitch, and I believe she has criticized Black women for acting too masculine and encouraging bad stereotypes in the past and has urged them to act more feminine.

      She’s not a sell-out. I think Alpha thinks masculinity is unnatural for women and makes them unhappy and femininity is woman’s natural place and that there is a sense of a happy home to be found for females in femininity. Which is exactly my POV, of course.

  2. Whites have a biological urge to give Blacks a handicap. Only a small minority of Whites go the other way with Blacks, and this is likely in response to the Black idiocy they encounter daily. Most Whites just turn a blind eye to all non-White idiocy but they especially do so with Blacks. Blacks are a sacred cow to Whites even without Jew propaganda pushing them.

    I keep running into Black idiots at work. It isn’t just that Blacks are annoying. It’s also that they probably shouldn’t hold jobs where someone’s life is on the line, like an anesthesiologist or an independent nurse. If it’s not a life or death situation with Black workers, we can live with Blacks. as most Whites are Black Special Olympics fans anyways.

    I was thinking you could put Blacks into two categories. Is that fair to other races though? Why just cherry pick Blacks?

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