How to Deal with a Strong Competitor

Some have advised to just smack the woman. However, you can’t force feelings on someone.

The bottom line is that the best advice to ignore the competition no matter how much the woman casually mentions them or rubs it in your face and just focus on being super-awesome. Go work out, get sexy with the woman – because at some core level, she still wants you, get better clothes, get a good haircut, and especially do what the woman wants in bed as much as you can.

Anyway, this might not work in the heat of a post-breakup or something similar. Experts advise leaving because the heat is too hot.

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3 thoughts on “How to Deal with a Strong Competitor”

    1. Nope, it just drives her toward her “other love”. Well, my love loves her “other love” so much she smacked my head real hard while driving and called me a “punk ass bitch”. It’s just at a primal level, this high-school crush is “her other lover”.

      HOWEVER, there could be situations where she looks at other dudes that are not her other love. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t advise smacking her. Well, one time I got hot about her sister – and she smacked me, and well, I deserved it.

      1. Hit the bitch back. No woman hits me. You hit me, women, you are going to get smacked. I don’t hit them back very hard because their punches are so weak, it’s pathetic, but I definitely hit them back. Maybe punch her in the shoulder. That’s what I usually do.

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