Getting Broken from Crying and Whining

It’s not even good for women to do too much of it. Anyway, for a man, it’s simply not appropriate in public or online. Well, crying can be a beautiful think in private with God – maybe you can do it with your wife privately – assuming it’s from a position of strength. However, all in all, it’s not good behavior, especially if you’re trying to woo a female or keep one you already got.

Well, like in on the movie Major Payne, it’s time to take the tit out of someone’s mouth. I mean, we all have had our pain but the question is more how to deal with it constructively in the best way, and the way to do that is not with crying, whining, or being “too soft” on people.

However, take note that people who are absolutely cruel are not what I am mentioning. No, being racially prejudiced, picking on the disabled and other horrors is not ok. To say so is getting the wrong idea.

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