Black People Can Be the Most Wonderful People

My new wife is Black and her family is something you couldn’t even buy for a million dollars!

O.K., in that case, why do so many people hate Blacks? They’ve not opened their mind to the experience. Wouldn’t this be like the Pharisees in the Bible and how they wouldn’t search the truth because they didn’t want to. That’s called racial prejudice.

Any ethnic group can be monstrous if you’re not willing to “get the picture”. I’ve said negative things about Koreans on here a lot, but honestly, many of them are lovely people. It’s just how you react with them.

We’ve all had our bad experiences. For instance, @Robert Lindsay had good and bad experiences in California as teacher with African-Americans. The bad ones were pretty sadistic. I know of a similar teacher in Louisiana, and he never recovered from Blacks like Robert has. In fact, the he has zero motivation to help them at all. It’s rather sad and he even said he was a Christian.

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