A Truly Good Person Would Never Side with White Identity Politics – No Way!

A person with any heart would just side with darker people – especially blacks, the disabled – all those people Trump hates.  Anyway, that’s not saying such a person wouldn’t have a heart for the “White working man,” but I’m looking at the big picture.

The ultimate truth is that people have not searched their soul enough or they wouldn’t even consider Trump or Reagan or whoever.

It’s like in the Bible with Jesus and the Pharisees, and Jesus saying that the Pharisees didn’t want the truth because they couldn’t handle it.

But What about Abortion?

I think it’s morally wrong, but obviously it’s an excuse by the Republicans to avoid other topics. In fact, this is true, even though Blacks get a huge, possibly the largest, percentage of abortions.

But What about the Insane Cultural Left?

It still doesn’t matter. Well, the stuff on the Right is more hideous and ridiculous.

I’m in with the In-Crowd

I believe a lot of it is Whites “trying to fit in,” but isn’t that what Democrats do too? Well, they do but it’s beside the point.

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