Why My Comments Seemed Anti-Masculine in the Past

My comments did so – because I was with one girl who really loved me – and before that I was just into a lot of porn.  In other words, I hadn’t really been strongly rejected.  Now it seems like these sites are hangouts for guys who have tried to get girls – and they were strongly rejected, so they’re very angry at women – and probably other races etc…   That’s why they’re so obsessed with “not looking like a cuck” etc..

Anyway, why are they angry at women and feel a need to embrace super-reactionary views to get even? It isn’t really doing much anyhow.    Well, the dating advice people advise being “masculine” – but that’s not the same as being a jerk.  In other words, wearing your penis on your sleeve isn’t the same as just projecting confidence.

Well, the best advice with women with getting one, keeping one, or getting one back – is simply just don’t ever look weak.  Well, you can show some vulnerability briefly – but only after you got her really strongly.

I mean, women have feelings for downtrodden guys – but not ones who can’t take the punches.  For instance, some guy loses his wife, so a woman is interested in seeing him “because she cares”.

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