When Family Members are Obviously Henpecked

I really think this goes on – and you can tell cause they just aren’t happy.  In fact, you go to family get-together – and if they’re massively quiet and un-humorous – while the women are laughing and having a good ole time – that might be the case.

Well, I know at least one guy who used to be a jokester, the life of the party – but now come across as a total geek – something I wouldn’t never see in the future – in a million years!

Anyway, women could drive men into this enslaving position – by simply using the “whole family thing” to guilt-trip them into serving their wive’s every whim.  Now I don’t know why women do this – cause the effect of it – drives the men away from the wives – toward other men.   

Well, one theory is they really don’t want to do this – but will keep pecking at the men, until they man up and don’t allow it.

Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with being a family man.  For instance, my dad and other non-henpecked people were very happy, raised families very well.   Now, of course, this did lead to some negative things.  For instance, these kind of guys are more likely to be too insensitive.  However, it seems to go hand-and-hand with the whole “being strong” thing.

Sadistic Torture

Well, the way I see it, if a woman henpecks a man for years, she must have something massively wrong with her.  In that case, she won’t let the man go in favor of someone else, but rather has affairs either real or emotional.   That’s just terrible!


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