How to Show Love/Compassion to a Woman without Sounding Weak/Desperate

This could even include money. Even if you gave out a lot of money to a woman – especially an ex – wouldn’t it seem fake and desperate? It would be a tool for you to get used.

Just remember, you have to negotiate from a position of strength, but the woman might be feeding you crap like, “I love you” when you’re really not in that position yet. Maybe that could be counterproductive to what you want because you don’t want to answer, and then she’s trapped you into a situation where you seem desperate.

Regarding other things with an ex, women might test you saying cruel things that don’t really mean deep down, assuming you haven’t gone for some advised separation time. In that case, any crying/whining in response to the bullying will further push her away. She will see you’re getting payback for anything done to her, being appropriately whipped, but at the same time, she will see a weak man that can’t handle real challenges.

One way to deal with that, assuming you can’t avoid it altogether as advised, would be to simply laugh off the cruelty, no matter how bad it is.

Calling the Cops?

Perhaps it’s advised but a better idea is to stay away from the woman. If you can’t, calling cops might be seen as a sign you can’t take it, or maybe alternatively, you’ve stood up to her saying you’re not going to be henpecked.

My own view, assuming there’s no separation time, is that cops should be avoided. Once she’s cooled down after a couple of weeks, assuming you can take the brutality, begin to explain to her straightforwardly that you won’t accept being p-whipped, plain and simple. That’s what the woman really wants to hear, assuming she in some remote way wants to keep you on. Once she really believes that, you can open up all lovely and compassionate.

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