How Long to Get the Woman Back?

Well, however long it takes to show her your a strong, confident replacement – while at the same time, softly showing her you’re really sorry and have changed.  Anyway, experts advice a 30 to 45 day no-contact-rule.   However, though, I don’t think everyone can do that, though, it’s advisable.  Perhaps other sneaky tricks can do the job.  Well, one way is by exploiting people your wife/girlfriend hates – in order to make yourself seem more confident.   Well, this might only work after she’s already beat you up quite a bit – got her most fierce anger over with.

Myself, I wanted to do a 30/45 day no-contact thing -but she wouldn’t have it.  Well, I am being a wuss in that I’m chicken to walk out – because I don’t believe she would come back.   However, dating coaches strongly advise against it.

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