Alt Left: Was the Beirut Nuclear Attack a MOAB Bomb?

Claudius: It may have been a MOAB or FOAB. This U.S. MOAB dropped in Afghanistan has the burgundy red smoke plume.

This may have been a MOAB type device then. Except that it seems to have been a missile, and Israel doesn’t have MOABs. But see below that a MOAB just seems to be another tactical nuke.

My latest info is that all of these bombs – MOABs, FOABs (what’s that?) and especially the “bunker busters” that the US and Israel love to talk about so much are all more or less tactical nukes.

That MOAB dropped in Kunar, Afghanistan did not operate like a normal weapon. Everyone within 1/2 mile is rendered permanently deaf by that weapon. All of the crops in that region failed after the attack, and it has been hard to regrow them. The civilians in the area suffered all sorts of strange ailments after the attack that continue to this day, a year later.

The tactical nuke that was dropped on Beirut has also been referred to by the US and Israel as a “bunker-buster.” What no one is telling you about these weapons is that it appears that they are all some sort of tactical nukes. Most normal explosives do not have ground penetrating capabilities. If they did, miners would not have to drill holes in the ground to set off explosions. They would just lay them on the ground.

As discussed earlier, conventional explosives run up against laws of physics. I suppose you can get bigger detonations, but soon you need a bomb as big as a two story house or a multi story building. Who would ever make a bomb like that? Even that may not be enough. Witness the tractor trailer bombs used in Oklahoma City and Saudi Arabia. How do those compare to a small house in square feet?

So you run in to a ceiling effect. Yes, you can go incendiary, but that’s been done. The only way up is biological, chemical, or nuclear, mostly the latter. Which is why these new super-bombs like bunker busters and MOABs all seem to be some form of tactical nuclear devices.

Claudius: What annoys me, is how the sheeple just buy the official story.

That’s what pisses me off more than anything else. And it’s one reason I’m starting to hate people more and more every day. No one thinks for themselves, like no one. If there is one thing I am trying to get you guys to do here, it is to think for yourselves. That has been the purpose of this site since Day One.

No one thinks for themselves because it is dangerous. You can lose all your friends, your job, your career, your finances, your home, etc. You can be driven literally homeless and possibly dead just by thinking for yourself instead of going along with the rest of the idiots like everyone else does. So it’s a very dangerous way to live. But I do it and I do encourage my readers to do it as much as you can.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Was the Beirut Nuclear Attack a MOAB Bomb?”

  1. MOAB is “Mother of all Bombs,” the American variant
    FOAB is “Father of all Bombs,” the Russian one.

    I wouldn’t assume that MOAB/FOABs are nuclear. The White Aryan brain is quite inventive. Maye we’ve figured out how to get tactical nuclear-sized payload from purely chemical reactions. The idea behind the fuel-air bombs is that you suck the air in the target destination and ignite it, so you can deliver a missile whose payload is less than the total (air) fuel it ignites. pretty clever idea. It’s like showing up to a battlefield with gun and then stealing the enemy’s bullets and shooting them back at them.

  2. Also, it could have been just sabotage of a missile factory. If they Lebanese were making missiles there, then setting fire to the plant would cause a blast that size. Regardless, no way that was mere fertilizer.

    1. Nope. Also there were only bags of rocks and dirt in that warehouse. That warehouse was controlled by Mossad probably in alliance with Lebanese Christian Maronites who run that part of the port. Why in the Hell would Mossad let Hezbollah make missiles there? Why would the extreme Hezbollah-hating Maronites who run that part of the port store missiles there? I’m not buying. I have a feeling that the “Hezbollah missile warehouse” was maybe a fallback story in case the fertilizer bullshit did not work out.

      Also AN simply does not blow up. I could have a 2,700 ton pile of AN and if I threw a match on it, nothing would happen. It has to be mixed with fuel oil in a slurry or it won’t detonate at all. The blast in China was a slurry of fuel oil and AN. What it was doing there I have no idea. Even then if I threw the match onto the slurry, it would just catch on fire. It would not blow up. To make it blow up you need to set off a dynamite charge in the AN. Hitting a missile base would not cause that explosion.

      They have explosives experts on TV now lying their fool heads off about AN, claiming that if you throw a match on it, it blows up. There is a mining engineer who wrote an article on the Net taking these idiots on. He sees all these explosives experts talking about AN in the papers and on TV are lying their goddamned heads off.

      Boy they are really pulling out the stops on this fertilizer bullshit story, aren’t they?

      Look at the ammo dump blowing up in Ukraine on the video yesterday? You see any mushroom cloud? You see any concentric nuclear blast type circles. An missile dump would not cause an explosion like that.

  3. The 4k all motion video I linked above is very damning.

    I’ve showed it to people and they still won’t believe.

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