Putting Women “In Their Place” Doesn’t Work

It’s doesn’t work because some guy who cannot command the love of a woman – at a “soul-level” cannot force it.  In other words, as said in other articles, the woman dislikes you cause you’re a coward.  She would naturally respect a man she doesn’t see as a coward – with no need for stuff PUA sites advocate.

Anyway, we could expand this to other things.  For instance, regarding race, if whites, Latinos, blacks whoever are seen as people “not standing up” for the rights of the other, they’re going to be despised/hated.

Note: I see on the net so much, so much frustration and people just don’t get that “some don’t mesh well with others”.  In other words, the babbling of Trump supporters falls on deaf ears with many non-whites etc.. and the problems of man non-whites falls on deaf ears with working class whites.

O.K., for instance, I was on a Bible forum – filled with self-righteous white identity politics – and I noted how this stuff alienates blacks.  Oooops!!  Bad move.  Of course, I was harshly criticized for it.

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