Henpecked Men Totally Deserve It

I’ve looked on the net and there has been some stories written that this is verbal abuse etc..  but unfairly not called that – because men are supposed to be tough and strong.

However, I have to take the conservative view.  I mean, the only reason men could be henpecked is cause – simply put, they’re not men who have won the woman’s heart at a soul-level.  They are cowards.  No doubt about it.

Note: no matter what the man does “to be good” he cannot win the woman who views him as a coward. It doesn’t matter how good he cleans the house.  How nice he is, how he dresses, how he cleans himself, how he takes care of his face, how much he works out, how much money he makes, how much he goes to church, though he should go possibly so it could be revealed to him he’s a coward.

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