Chicken-Phobia – The Problem with The Wife

Yep, I sort of had this in the back of my mind all the time, thinking this all the time.  All the horrible verbal torture for the month of July and some of August was due to simply being too coward to stand up to child social services.  You know those smiling friendly folks who gladly keep your baby for 2 to 5 years!   Well, like many I trusted these people, but wife gradually began to get tired of them – and dumped her negative energy on me.

But why me? I don’t know.  That’s just how it is in the world. I mean, I said in a post a long time ago – that what drives bullies in middle school etc.. was coward-phobia – and kids were guilty until proven innocent.  It’s just nature I guess!

Anyway, though, we don’t want to discount prayer and stuff like that.  I mean, it could have been way worse and maybe I was put thru some karmic lesson.  However, though, the main point is that people have to stand up for things – you know, just like on Back to the Future or The Three Amigos.  It’s just that way!

O.K. what did I do? I am filing for custody, cause they sure aren’t going to give it to her – only more of the “run around”.  Anyway, though, the woman is nice now, even apologizing.  I simply said, “You angry about the baby, so I understand.”.

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