Alt Left: Beirut Attack Was Done a Tactical Nuclear Missile Attack by Israel against a Hezbollah Missile Depot – All Other Stories Are Lies

The stories about the “preventable accident” at the port of Beirut involving fireworks or ammonium nitrate fertilizer or whatever lie they are pushing now are all lies. The truth is that the warehouse that blew up was a Hezbollah missile depot. Israel fired two missiles from jets at the warehouse area. The first was an anti-ship missile and caused the first explosion in warehouse six. The second caused by a missile, probably a tactical nuclear weapon, fired from an Israeli jet at the Hezbollah depot in warehouse 12.

Via Syrian intelligence.

Syrian intelligence says an unknown new weapon, probably a tactical nuclear weapon, was used in this attack. Israel apparently tested this weapon earlier on a plain in Syria. A video of that explosion is available and it looks exactly like this explosion. Russian experts went to the site afterwards and confirmed radiation.

Modern tactical nukes hardly have any fallout and radiation returns to normal levels in a few days.

That is why the US and Israel are using them. These are “safe” nukes. Only Veterans Today and Global Research are publicizing the use of these tactical nukes, which date back to the first Iraq War, when the US military dropped its first nuclear weapon since Hiroshimi in the desert 13 miles west of Basra, possibly as an experiment.

Lebanon is made of solid rock. All explosives will blow upwards on solid rock. Miners would very much like an explosive that blows downwards. It would make their jobs a lot easier. That way they would not have to drill holes into the ground to put their explosives in. Only a nuclear weapon can blow downwards into solid rock.

And that is why all of the American and Israeli bunker buster weapons such as the BMU series are essentially nuclear weapons. The MOAB recently used in Kunar, Afghanistan, also seems to be some sort of a nuclear weapon. At some point you run into the upper limits of conventional explosives due to size considerations if nothing else. At that point you need to go nuclear or chemical, and the US has done both.

Chemical or nuclear weapons were used three times against the Taliban in the initial phase of the Afghan. The US warned Afghanistan that they were going to use fuel-air weapons, which ought to be made illegal anyway as a weapon of mass destruction, but they never used them. Instead we used nuclear or chemical weapons on three separate occasions. More on that later. It’s proven too. The Afghan source is immaculate.

Israel has been itching to blow up the Beirut port forever. Lebanon is an enemy state and Israel sees Beirut as a competitor that it needs to destroy. Lebanon tried to build a rapid highway from the mountains down to the port. This would have massively expanded the port’s capability and the Lebanese economy.

The US ambassador shot it down and said the US would not allow it as long as Israel’s enemies Iraq and Syria existed. Also the US would not approve it until Lebanon signed a peace treaty with Israel. Lebanon and Israel are still officially at war. An armistice was never signed and every Lebanese government has said that they will never sign a peace treaty with Israel.

There is a video presentation from a couple of years ago with Netanyahu circling the warehouse that was hit in red and describing it as a Hezbollah missile depot. So Israel thought it was a Hezbollah missile depot even two years ago.

It’s worth considering that the only enemy of Lebanon promised to attack Lebanese civilian infrastructure just prior to the explosion, and lo and behold that’s what happened.

Exactly. One week prior, Israel said that if Hezbollah ever attacks us again, we will attack Lebanese civilian infrastructure. For years now, Israel has been warning that if there is another war, Lebanon is going to be about wiped off the map. All civilian infrastructure will be targeted.

On the very date of the attack, Netanyahu tweeted that Hezbollah better watch it, if they make one move, Israel will destroy them. Immediately after the attack, Netanyahu tweeted that we got the bombers, now we got the people who sent them.

A top Israeli politician cheered on the attack, calling it a mitzva. He also said it was no accident and he alluded that Israel had done it. He also implied that it had been a nuclear blast, which he said was a good thing. So he was saying the quiet part out loud.

Gideon Levy, one of the bravest journalists in the press-censored Israeli state, wrote an article after the blast appearing to dance as close as possible to admitting that Israel did the attack without running afoul of military censors. An Israeli general reportedly tweeted that Israel had attacked Beirut, but I have been unable to find the tweet. Additionally, one Israeli paper after another has been running articles threatening Hezbollah and the Lebanese people, saying, “Look, now you really better watch it, ok?”

Multiple sources inside the Lebanese military and intelligence are saying that Israel fired a missile at a Hezbollah missile depot.

A Saudi source, using cautious words, said that Israel had attacked a Hezbollah missile depot, but something had gone wrong and the explosion was much larger than they had predicted. He said that Israel felt chagrined and felt that they had made a severe error.

Al Arabiya, a Saudi newspaper, said that the site that blew up was a Hezbollah missile depot.

A UAE source said that Israel had attacked a Hezbollah missile depot, but that something had gone seriously wrong.

Three separate Pentagon sources all stated that they thought the explosion was due to an attack.

A separate Pentagon source said the explosion was caused by “the sabotage of an arms depot.”

An Italian weapons expert disagreed with the analysis that ammonium nitrate had caused the explosion. No one even knows if there was any ammonium nitrate in that warehouse. There were no fireworks anywhere. Also AN needs to have fuel oil added to it in exact measurements otherwise it will not explode. Whether shooting a missile at a pile of AN is enough to set it off is not known.

Anyway, there were much less than 2,700 tons of AN in that warehouse, as people had been stealing from that supply for many years. Also the weapons expert said that an AN explosion causes a huge yellow cloud. See any yellow cloud in that blast? Of course not. Instead we see a brick red blast followed by a bright red column. This is typical of lithium. Lithium is a component used in rocket fuel and a lithium explosion would be typical if a missile warehouse was blown up.

In addition, the type of AN was heavy AN because that is what was marked on the crates. Heavy AN is not used for explosives. It is used only for fertilizers. It is light AN that is used for explosives and even then, it has to be mixed with fuel oil in precise proportions or it won’t blow up.

Further, the AN was stored in a warehouse marked for typical materials, not for hazardous material. There are now many theories that the AN was on top of the missiles or was being used to hide the missiles. There are also different stories about the missiles. Some say it was a Hezbollah missile depot. Others say it was a stash of missiles that had been seized for some reason by port authorities.

The essentials of this attack are beyond dispute. The only controversial question is now is whether it was a nuclear missile or not, but it may well have been. These are the legendary artillery or suitcase nukes that everyone said didn’t exist. Well they did. And they do. They’re the also legendary tactical nukes or mini nukes.

They hardly cause any fallout now, and the radiation goes down to normal levels in a few days. So the US and Israel think they are real groovy! Usable nuclear weapons that don’t kill too many people or cause radiation sickness! Cool! I always wanted a usable nuke! How bout you all, readers? Didn’t you always want to get a real safe, not too deadly nuclear weapon for your birthday or for Christmas? Could of come in handy, huh?

Richard Silverstein, a very righteous Jew, is the great source for this. Interested readers should head to his site, Tikkun Olam. He’s one Hell of a mensch.

Although I hate Veterans Today because they are kooks and fools, they appear to have hit this one on the head, with a few errors here and there. Go there. They have everything you need to make the nuke case. But they say nukes have been used lots of other times though, so be careful. But this time they hit it. They also have incredible infrared videos from Lebanon, shot by regular folks, that show the precise missile coming in.

There are two separate videos shot by regular folks who did not know each other from different cameras in different places at different angles. The MSM is saying the videos are faked, but I don’t think so. For one there are two videos from two people. The people have names and you can go talk to them. All their friends are vouching for them and saying they didn’t fake anything. They are saying they wouldn’t know how to fake it anyway.

Also both videos show the exact outline of an Israeli Delilah tactical nuclear missile down to the last detail. How would they know what one would look like? No one knows what that weapon looks like. Most don’t even know it exists. Also both videos show a white hot glow on the warhead. This is very important. The Delilah has a nuclear tipped warhead and yes it would glow white hot. How would they know to both put that detail in their videos? Nobody knows that. No one even knows what the weapon even is. Deliliah is a guess. Syrian intel doesn’t even know what a Delilah is and they call it an “unknown weapon.”

The first strike was from an anti-ship missile, the second was the nuke, probably by air.

Additional evidence in favor a nuclear missile comes from the UN itself, the International Atomic Energy Association of which recorded a massive radiation event in the Eastern Mediterranean at the exact time as the missile strike.

After this missile strike, many people reported a “melting” feeling on their face. This is characteristic of a nuclear attack. Also most cellphones stopped working. This is probably due to the EMF pulse radiating from the nuclear blast.

Most particularly, look at that characteristic mushroom cloud. I’ve never in my life seen an explosion that looked anything like that, with that white-hot heat and circular rings. That was in photos of the Hiroshima and Bikini Atoll nuclear blasts and of tests in Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert. The Veteran’s Today people say that only a nuclear weapon gives off that characteristic blast cloud.

Trump was told that it was an Israeli attack and he blabbed that it was an attack. Israel got very mad at him afterwards, and pro-Israel media has been blasting him ever since he said that.

Immediately Hezbollah was blamed for the explosion by the usual suspects, the Saudis, the Saudi-controlled Hariris, the Breitbart American Alt Lite Right, Fox News, (((Kenneth Roth))) at the execrable Human Rights Watch.

Note also that Israel is promising aid to the victims. Israel has never offered aid to any Arab victims of anything ever. They say they are shipping aid to Lebanon but they are leaving Hebrew markings on the aid packages. Not only is that almost demanding that Lebanon reject the aid, but it also seems like they are really rubbing it in to the Lebanese.

That’s a giveaway too. This is the first time Israel’s ever offered aid? Why is that now?

The Lebanese government is in on the fake fertilizer story. Problems with this story are that no one would ever allow fertilizer to be stored in any port for any period of time, certainly not six years. The storage costs alone would prevent that.

The Moldovan flagged ship was barely seaworthy and did not seem capable of carrying its load. The customer in Mozambique where the fertilizer was said to be shipped does not exist. The mysterious Russian captain of the ship, supposedly living in Lebanon, cannot be found. The more you look at the fertilizer ship story, the less sense any of it makes. Some say that the only proof of the existence of the fertilizer is entries in an accounting ledger. Other than that, it may not have existed.

Iran, Lebanon and Hezbollah are not publicizing this, probably for fear of rendering the Lebanese people powerless and terrified of Israel’s capabilities. Also both Hezbollah and Lebanon fear that this revelation will force Hezbollah to retaliate, which could cause a larger war that neither wants. Also Hezbollah does not want it to get out that they were using the port to store explosives. Israel has their own reasons for covering this attack up, obviously.

There is also a report that Israel used this same nuclear weapon on an Iranian ship in the Gulf recently, though I have no info on that.

Michel Chussodovsky of Global Research has written articles about the use of tactical nuclear weapons by the US and Israel in recent years. Much of this reporting was reprinted by Veterans Today.

He wrote an article noting US use of these tactical nukes at Tora Bora. The MOAB dropped on Kunar is for all intents and purposes a nuclear weapon. It needs to be outlawed. He also wrote that Israel used a tactical nuke in the war against Hezbollah om 2006. I agree.

Israel Assassinated Hariri in a False Flag to Frame Hezbollah

I also now believe that Israel absolutely killed Hariri, and it looks like some sort of a tactical nuclear weapon was used in that attack too, fired from an Israeli drone known to be overhead. The US and Israel had footage of the drone that fired the weapon, but they refused to release it. The explosives that were said to have been used do not have the effect seen in the explosion and could not possibly have caused the effects seen.

Also no attack could have taken place with a car bomb without disabling the very sophisticated anti-attack technology in Hariri’s car. That technology was made in Israel and only the Israelis knew how to dismantle it. So if there was a car bomb, the Israeli anti-car bomb tech had to have been dismantled and only Israel could have done that. So Israel ends up guilty either way.

Israeli drones had been following Hariri’s every movement for months and on the day of his assassination, all converged on the exact site of the attack several hours before, and they took pictures of the attack. The drones’ footage was hacked by Hezbollah, and this information was released to the public to no avail.

Hezbollah and the Lebanese military officials were framed by the German investigator, who is long-time CIA and German intel. The weapon itself was an experimental weapon invented in Germany and given to Israel by Israel after Germany adopted the posture that “Germany’s army will now fight to defend Israel.” This prompted a wave of angry letters and resignations from German officers.

The German investigator was very sleazy, ignored most evidence, faked evidence, and used very dirty techniques in interviews, including trying to set family members against each other with lies about infidelity. All of the four Lebanese generals imprisoned were framed and were innocent. The people who subsequently were said to have named Assad and other Syrians as responsible recanted via their lawyers and said they had never made such allegations.

The purpose of framing Hezbollah and Syria for the Hariri assassination was to start a new civil war in Lebanon and also to drive a stake into the heart of Hezbollah once and for all by framing them for this crime (16 of Hezbollah’s top officers were named in the indictment). This was supposed to be the end of Hezbollah, but it did not work. Note that this nuke attack comes just four days before the major judicial finding on the Hariri attack which is expected to completely condemn Hezbollah as the actors of the attack.

Since the Hariri false flag did not work, this false flag was intended to be the coup de grace for Hezbollah. It’s also intended to start a civil war in Lebanon, which Israel has been trying to do for 15 years now.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Beirut Attack Was Done a Tactical Nuclear Missile Attack by Israel against a Hezbollah Missile Depot – All Other Stories Are Lies”

  1. Mass western media is already running major damage control on this crime. Fertilizer explosion theory is nonsense. For comparison, the West Company explosion in Wacos, Texas was a fertilizer facility explosion that had no mushroom cloud and did not generate any nuke-style “blast rings”.

    GIF image of the explosion:

    Video recording of the Wacos, Texas explosion:

    Video showing a Ukrainian ammunition depot exploding (for further comparison):

    No nuke-style blast rings; no mushroom cloud. You do notice a brief yet sizable shock wave being generated by the explosion, but that’s characteristic of virtually any mass-scale conventional or chemical explosion.

    Something isn’t right.

    1. Thank you so much, ASTA. I really do think I am right on this one finally. My latest info is that there was no fertilizer in the first place. The fertilizer bags never had anything but dirt and rocks in them. That nuke blew up dirt and rocks!

      I am still looking into whether or not a Hezbollah missile depot was blown up. Perhaps there never was a Hezbollah missile depot in that warehouse. And I don’t understand why two warehouses were hit. And why the first missile was an anti-ship missile. And whether the missile videos are real or not. I am looking into all of these things. There are epic levels of lying, propaganda, and disinformation flooding the airwaves out there and there are some major state and media efforts involved in this for various reasons. For someone dedicated to the truth, it is very hard to sort all of this out.

  2. Okay so let’s assume that it was actually a tactical nuke, even launched by Israhell, what thenare the implications?

    Also, the Ukrainian depot explosion does have a mushroom cloud, just not nearly as dramatic as the one in Beirut.

    The more I look at the Beirut blast, the more I see a nuclear explosion. It just seems like one. But then again, I’ve never witnessed a nuke go off before. None of us have so we can’t truly distinguish it from a MOAB, FOAB or what not. With that said, no conventional missile is that strong. Supposedly these newer MOAB/FOABs are though.

    In other news, the full bodycam video of George Floyd make the four cops look less guilty.

    I almost don’t care if Chauvin is actually innocent of 2nd degree murder, if Epstein was suicided, if the Kikes nuekd the A-rabs, or if Covid-19 escaped from a Wuhan lab. anymore that I care about poor Archduke Ferdinand. What I’m corner about is what happens to us? Do we get dragged into a a civil war or world war?

    I believe:

    (1) Covid-19 is a modified corona virus that escaped form one of the two Wuhan labs, probably due to negligence. The fact that it is week outdoors but very contagious indoors is indirect evidence of this.

    (2) Epstein was murder in his prison cell probably because he had dirt on British Royals and American politicians.

    (3) Chauvinism probably had no mens rea to commit murder and Floyd died of a drug-over dose. Cultural Left corporations with an agenda hopped on the opportunity to increase their influence and say fuck you directly to Trump and the Police. Corporate power is finally back in town! Ever since the demise of the British Eats India company, governments have had the upper hand. But now that we depend on tech and software, Silicon Valley has the world by the balls.

    (4) A fucking nuclear bomb just went off in Lebanon and people captured it with their cellphone cameras.

    Two of the above events have been captured on cellphone cams. HA!

      1. Neither do I.

        To add, I think Chauvin may have contributed to Floyd’s death by placing his knee on his neck for so long. But we can’t tell from the video how much pressure he’s applying. He might have not been placing much pressure at all. Who knows. I still hate pigs but I won’t let my prejudice cloud my judgement.

        As for the corporate soft cout d’estat. It’s not a conspiratorial idea on my part. The state, organized crime and corporations are all forms of governance. At different points in time there will be difference in power levels and perceived legitimacy. After all “government” is an abstract idea, a label we apply to phenomena which ALREADY exists. Most Cultural Left censorship and cancelling is extrajudicial. It’s being doing by corporate HR, not the SS or KGB.

        So we may simply be mislabeling the State as the sole government, when in reality we have a dual system which has always probably been true. The dual rule from the capital and the rule from the local mafia boss is a historical universal truth. Each rule governs a different aspect of life. As Jesus said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

        What the leaders of corporations may be doing, perhaps subconsciously, is simply vying for official recognition as part of the governmental apparatus while simultaneously making a formal distinction as evidenced by their corporate charters.

        1. George Floyd was a horrible human being from teen years on. You can make the case that he was a violent misogynist. He preyed on other humans his whole life. He had several children by different women and he never gave any of the mothers a dime or even said Hello to his kids. At age 44, he was still a proud member of a Black street gang in Texas. Maybe a shot-caller, who knows. If you are still banging at age 45, you got issues, bro. Floyd died of a drug overdose. That’s clear.

          The autopsy showed no evidence of asphyxiation. Wouldn’t asphyxiation occur if Chauvin had murdered him with his knee. Or could Chauvin had contributed to his death without asphyxiating him. Floyd was having terrible breathing problems and foaming at the mouth before they put a hold on him. He resisted arrest for a very long time and all efforts to get him in the police car had failed. Apparently putting him in a hold is the next step in a process like that.

        2. I think you are right. Corporations are now censoring the media worse than the government ever did. It never used to be a problem as long as freedom of the press belonged to anyone who could buy a newspaper, newsmagazine, TV or radio station. That all blew up with the radical communism of the Internet which allowed each man to be his own publisher (this is actually similar to what is supposed to happen once true or pure communism is achieved).

          This threatened the elite’s, Jewish and not, dictatorship of the media, so the response has been mass corporate censorship. However, (((social media))) is working hand in hand with the US government on US foreign policy. None of them, not even the Gentiles like the man who owns Twitter, step one inch outside of US foreign policy and all (((social media))) simply serves as a state propaganda system for the US government’s foreign policy. So the corporations and the stare are absolutely working together too.

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