Alt Left: Left Libertarianism and a Rejection of Carceral Liberalism and Leftism

I’d say I definitely have some serious Left Libertarian tendencies. Are you familiar with the term “carceral?” I am seeing that used a lot now. Carceral feminists (100%, obviously), the Carceral Left (way too many of them), carceral liberals (all of them). A lot of conservatives are carceral too. That’s their whole raison d’etre after all. Centrists? What’s that? That’s just a carceral liberal with some economic conservatism.

I hang out on Reddit a lot, though I am banned repeatedly. That place is sickening. They’re all liberals or Left, but they’re the Carceral Left or Carceral Liberals. They’re constantly screaming to throw more and more people in jail in prison, mostly men for either having sex with women or trying to do so. Apparently there’s no worse crime for a carceral libbie than trying to get laid. I think they’ve never met a law they don’t like. They’ve never met a jail or prison they are not ecstatic about.

Which is why I don’t understand why they hate cops so much. Wait. You never met a law you didn’t like (and in fact libbies are constantly screeching for more laws, greater penalties and toughening up laws). You can’t get enough of prisons and jails, especially since they’re full of men and there’s nothing libbie faggots hate more than men. So they love laws, love prisons, love jails…but they hate cops?! They yell about defunding the police but they want to throw all of us men in jail for even looking at a woman. Forget flirting and dating. That’s all harassment now. Forget sex. It’s all rape and abuse now.

I’d say that the  Alt Left, if anything, should be a civil libertarian movement. We should be an anti-carceral movement. The problem isn’t so much cops. Sure, they enforce the laws,  but they don’t write them. The problem is the whole shitstem. The cops, the DA’s, the judges, the bailiffs, the jail and prison guards, the parole and probation officers, the jails, the prisons, and more than anything else, the goddamned legal code.

These maniacs have already made half of ordinary life illegal, but that’s never enough. Every year on January 1, I wake up and there’s 50-100 stupid new laws in my state, supposedly one of the most liberal states in the country but actually the home of Carceral Liberalism.

I advocate, for starters, wiping lots of laws right off the books. Anything that doesn’t obviously and directly harm an innocent person is an objective way needs to go. I want to make it do prisons and jails cannot be filled past capacity. Our California penal institutions are still 121% full, and we just let a lot of them out due to  overcrowding. The courts allow our prisons to be 133% of capacity. Many of our county jails are under court mandated overcrowding mandates. I want the prisons to be capped at 100%. Fuck 133%. What is this 133% crap? You don’t like it?  Fine. Build more prisons. Good luck with that.

This is my dream. We’ve reduced all the jails and prisons to 100% capacity max. They’re usually close to being full. The police go out on their rinky dink calls for the petty chicken shit crap they waste most of their time on and a lot of the time, they decide not to make an arrest. “Hey, the jails are full. We don’t usually make arrests on this petty crap. We have better things to do.”

I was alive back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Cops had a reasonable attitude back then. They would often arrive at places where people were breaking the  law but they would simply choose to not do anything about it. I was there on several occasions when police came out and said,  “We don’t usually waste our time on  this crap,” or “We don’t usually like to get involved in this stuff,” or “Look, we have better things to do than waste our time with this BS.”

That seems to be gone now.  Cops nowadays seem to be itching to arrest anyone they can for spitting on the sidewalk. I don’t get it. Someone clue me here. They bored? Change of culture? Not enough action?

There was a sense of finesse, of nuance, of reason, logic, rationality, and sense. That’s how the law is supposed to be, from the cop on the beat all the way to robes in the courts. The law is a grey area. It’s supposed to be enforced and and prosecuted that way. It’s supposed to be an area free of heated emotion that distorts cold logic and reason.

I actually read legal journals. You might want to try it some time. It’s not as hard as you think. One thing they keep talking about is keeping emotions out of the laws and courts. The ways they do this is to write hard legal codes into court decisions that tie the hands of judges and force them to rule as logically as possible, the reason being that of course judges to say nothing of juries are subject to the worst whims of emotions that distort, warp, twist, and wreck both law and justice.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Left Libertarianism and a Rejection of Carceral Liberalism and Leftism”

  1. I was talking with some Left Libertarians online, and they said wearing a mask is equivalent to the transatlantic slave trade. I said that was pretty insulting and that they are not even in the same universe. A Black libertarian had this response:

    So you find nothing at all insulting about forcing EVERY member of the population (almost all of who are well, not sick) into masks that look a lot like slave muzzles while we are virtually muzzled by widespread censorship of dissent?

    “Necessary protocol” for whom? According to what evidence?

    Having less oxygen and being forced to re-breathe your own waste and incubate germs in a pocket of high heat and humidity created by a mask – just a minor inconvenience? Losing facial expressions (both of yourself and others), being unable to read either good or ill intent of a stranger – just a minor inconvenience?

    Losing intelligibility of speech, losing human connection is a minor inconvenience?

    Add them all up.

    Is imposition of any arbitrary dictate like this with zero plausible public safety grounds (zero scientific evidence) a minor inconvenience?

    Then adding them to all the other insults inflicted upon us in this long train of abuses and usurpations: jobs canceled, family gatherings canceled, church canceled, weddings cancelled, school and graduations canceled, FUNERALS canceled.

    (Just about everything canceled except rioting and and looting for the “cause” chosen by elites…)

    Elderly dying alone, canceled health care services, curfews, restrictions on movement, closed businesses, closed public services, shaming, public pillorying, harassment, denial of services, even arrest for not behaving…

    LITERAL segregation based on muzzle compliance…

    “Just a minor inconvenience?”

    I don’t know about you, but my ancestors did this already.

    They wore the muzzle.

    They were treated like subhumans for looking different.

    They were segregated and denied services for looking different.

    They had the police called on them for being places they weren’t allowed to be.

    I am once again being treated like a subhuman and a criminal.

    I am once again being segregated and denied services because I don’t look like the rest of the muzzled, compliant drones. I’m having police called on me by so-called public servants who I pay with my tax dollars because I don’t comply with dictates for which nobody – NOBODY – can state ANY evidentiary grounds for whatsoever. I see the parallels. Do you?

    Would the you of seven months ago have accepted what you are seeing and complying with today?

    transformer: I think it’s about the very American attachment to rights, as in, “I’ve got my rights!” Mix that with the distrust of government among many American Libertarians and the distrust of expert guidance and advice and you end up with the wacky idea that a requirement or even expectation that people should wear masks in public to protect their neighbors is tyrannical or oppressive, a suppression of “My rights!”

    What is your opinion about the analogy of wearing a mask to the transatlantic slave trade?

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