Alt Left: Just Banned from Reddit Again

I got banned from Reddit, so I went and got a new name and signed up under that one. I got banned almost immediately. So now I’ve been banned twice. But now I have a new name, ha ha. A Satanic feminist sub reported me to Mommy Reddit because I wrote a comment asking why it was wrong for adult men to fantasize about teenage girls. After all, 10

One study found that for 15 year old girls, it was 9

When females are lumped into a group called 13+, 10 normal straight men react maximally to this group.

Since men generally react maximally to teenage girls, what would be wrong with men fantasizing about the things that maximally arouse them? Isn’t that normal human behavior to fantasize about things that maximally arouse you?

For this the feminists banned me, wrote me a scathing email with orders not to contact them, and reported me to Mommy Reddit. The cucks and faggots at Reddit then banned me for something gay called “child sexualization” for stating some basic scientific facts along with a scientifically uncontroversial opinion.

Today I just banned again from another gay subreddit. I attacked feminists in the thread, and I accused people in the thread of being carceral liberals and police state liberals, which is exactly what almost every liberal in the US is. I’d argue that that’s what almost all US Communists are too. US Communists are so cucked and gay it’s pathetic. I doubt if there’s no real man among them.

Anyway, I got banned for “hate speech” for attacking feminists. According to Reddit homos, hate speech is:

No racist or sexist speech in comments or submissions. Also no abusive speech based on religion, sex/gender, or sexual orientation. These are not rules against swearing; they’re not rules against expressing political opinions.

I went back and looked at my comment. Nothing in there was racist or sexist at all or attacked any of their pet protected groups. In fact, I didn’t even mention anything having to do with race or sex and their protected groups anywhere in the post. The only thing I could figure out is that I attacked feminists.

Somehow feminists, a political formation in the form of a hate movement against men, is somehow in the category of race, sex, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Obviously feminism is none of these things. The only thing I could figure out is that the mods on his sub are such faggots that they think attacking feminists is the same as attacking women.

Which brings me to another question. All liberal and left women  are feminists. 10

Which makes me think: How many rightwing men are conservatives mostly because they are sick and tired of faggotized and pussified left and liberal politics? How many of them are Republicans because the Republican Party is the party of the real men? That’s a dumb reason to vote Republican (What have Republicans ever done for us men?) but most people vote based on the most retarded reasons imaginable that have little or nothing to do with their lives.

How many women have gone rightwing because they like to act feminine? They’re girly girls who love being girly, feminine, and womanish? I’ve talked to many women who told me that the main thing they hate about feminism is how much feminists hate femininity.

It’s true. Feminists do hate femininity.  Of course they do. They’re dykes and manhaters or both, and they love nothing more than women with short hair wearing pants who are nearly indistinguishable from men. This is how women are supposed to look according to feminists. Like a goddamned butch bull dyke. I’m thinking maybe quite a few real women are voting right simply because they’re disgusted that leftwing women have turned into a bunch of man-hating dykes. They won’t throw you out of the left for being a feminine woman. But you better believe they will throw you out for not being a feminist.

By the way, what in the Hell’s the matter with straight men nowadays? I can’t believe how gay they are. If you’re going to be that gay, why don’t you just quit lying, move to Frisco, and stick a cock in your mouth? Are there any real men at all amongst these Millennials and Gen Z’ers? Almost all of them seem like complete faggots.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Just Banned from Reddit Again”

  1. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Black Lives Matter was founded by a couple of Cali lezbos. Why would they be so concerned about young black males (overwhelmingly) encountering and sometimes dying at the hands of the police unless there’s some sort of anti-male agenda that suits their ultimate end?

    The confusing thing, one wonders, is just what is their ultimate end? If they actually achieved concrete results relative to the media coverage they’ve gotten, that would be one thing. But can anybody tell us anything of substance that’s actually been changed because of them, or are they just paper tigers?

    1. Oh Rambo, it’s so much worse than that! They’re not two Black lesbians from California. I believe they are two Black transwomen from California! In other words, they are men who think they are women. Transwomen are different. Some are very anti-men and others are quite pro-men. They’re all over the place.

      Now that you know they are transwomen and not lesbians, guess what? You get to do your whole theory all over again!

      Thank you for supporting the men, my brother!

  2. “Are there any real men at all amongst these Millennials and Gen Z’ers? Almost all of them seem like complete faggots.”

    Made me LOL hard!

    1. Thx man. I don’t know what’s gotten into these “men” anyway? They were raised under Feminist Rule? Is that it? I know, some guys in these cohorts are still men, but sadly almost all of them are conservatives to reactionaries. Leftwing and liberal men among these cohorts are almost all feminist fags and cucks.


      1. “I don’t know what’s gotten into these “men” anyway? They were raised under Feminist Rule? Is that it?”

        That’s a hard one to pin down. I’ll just slap a bunch of my thoughts down on here regardless…

        1. Feminist/domesticated bitchy culture.

        2. Widespread availability of porn = lower test, more complacency.

        3. Testosterone decline across the Western world.

        4. Being coerced into acting and behaving like women i.e. zero tolerance policy at school, instead of physical skirmishing, act bitchy and be sneaky to each other i.e. engage in reputation destruction and lies/mind games, i.e. bitch traits.

        5. Cuck laws – go to jail and get criminal record for brawling. How many times have there been where I wanted to slap a ho or punch a bro but didn’t for obvious legal reasons?

        6. Single mothers – men socialized alongside bitch traits, mirroring mothers’ behavior tendencies with no man in the house to counterbalance this socialization process.

        7. Wagecuck culture – BS 9-5 – cuck, bitchy workplace corporate politics – passive aggression is king.

        8. Lack of physical violence in life – no beatings by daddy, no scuffles and fights = more domestication and draws out more of the anima from the male psyche.

        9. No shaming from men and patting on the back from women for Beta cuck simp behavior these days.

        10. As a race we are becoming more and more domesticated, the weak and unfit are reproducing more and more.

        11. Definition of intelligence twisted to fit being a sneaky, backstabbing bitch.

        12. Normalization of not just faggotry but also other sexual deviancies, i.e. transsexualism, gender pronouns.

        13. I also blame White guys – they seem to behave the faggiest/most cowardly. Blacks and Hispanics may be dumb, but at least they aren’t faggots.

        14. “Toxic masculinity” – maleness has been twisted, corrupted, and redefined in the collective consciousness by resentful, ugly, feminist cunts.

        15. Beta cuck simps have made it easy for these bitches – Instahos receive 100’s of comments/DM’s daily, even average Tinder whores have an endless list of thirsty men. This is why we need to legalize prostitution – the value of pussy has become hyper-inflated in our culture.

        16. Women had too many Beta allies – Alphas were outnumbered and outmaneuvered and forced to accept the redefinition of what a man is by Betas and feminists, thus allowing “hypernormalization” to occur. After all, history is written by winners.

        17. Female sexual liberation = male emasculation to a degree, therefore radical female sexual liberation = radical male emasculation.

        Just for fun and as a final point watch Will Smith getting cucked publicly. This is the world we live in…

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