Idolatry and the Relation to Relationships

In the Bible much is said about idolatry, and this is the missing ingredient in why I think porn use, love of money, etc. can be a major downfall in a relationship, basically turning the man into ice. Some people will say, “Ah, it’s not a big deal.” However, I don’t think they’re aware of how the things that men turn into idols slowly but surely destroy end up causing their own destruction.

In my case, these things made me self-absorbed to my girlfriend, causing the horrible thing going on now. I have to put in extreme measures like 30 day no-contact rules (sort of – because I have to live with her) just to win the respect back because even if I did start it, I cannot show weakness. This only drives the woman away.

Now while I am married to her, the bottom line is I haven’t won back her heart. In fact, even her recent sucking up is something I don’t buy. Unless extreme measures are taken pretty soon, she’s going to start mocking me again. In that case, I won’t be able to take it!

Think about it – if she was bullying me for a whole month over my supposed cheating and had righteous anger over other things, what’re the odds that she’s going to stop the snide little comments? Believe me, it’s those little smart-ass comments that get under my skin, feeding my insecurity.

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