How My New Wife Tricked Me into Falling Madly In Love

She simply employed the same strategy that they tell guys to do to girls. Basically, she became super-hard to get, all-out rejecting me in favor of some guy who was probably not really interested in her. However, I believed this to be a serious threat.

Always the problem with her is I think deep down I was madly in love with her, but it took the masochistic situation I described in a recent article to actually make me realize it.

What was my problem?

Well, I was super-hard to get for her. I became self-absorbed during my time with her, which initially kept her on because women like guys hard-to-get. I wouldn’t move in with her. I neglected a baby we had, never coming around, and I caused a problem where she’s now on probation.

Other Problems

Refusing to change looks, lying, not being on time, not listening, cheating also I think, even though it was very light cheating with strippers.

Was this actually her goal?

I don’t really know, but it did the job!

What’s Our Relationship Now?

It seems awesome after a phone call I had after being away for a few days. Nonetheless, I fear I’m becoming too boring by spilling the love beans too much and telling too many inner feelings.

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