Don’t Cry During the Breakup

Don’t cry ever generally if you’re a man. Women simply don’t respect guys who cry. They might feel pity but the feeling that you’re weak overpowers the thought. Basically, you become a child, not a man to them, so they can’t go along with you seeing as they don’t think you’re strong enough to handle life’s situations.

Anyhow I did break down a few times during my near-breakup – because I had never had a near-breakup before and I didn’t know how to react to it. I just realized I was madly in love with the woman, but it’s was too late, sucka!

Crying is Cheap

That’s true and talk is also cheap. If you say stuff, you need to have credibility behind it. In other words, there has to be action showing you mean what you say. It’s like in the Bible where it says doers and not sayers of the law are justified.


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One thought on “Don’t Cry During the Breakup”

  1. Crying is for MEN AND WOMEN. For centuries the patriarchy has stuffed us with bullshit where women are considered the weak that cry and men are MEN.

    If a man crying will not be respected by the woman, it is most likely due to the fact the man has done some ‘manly’ thing, she is just not interested that much in him, or the woman is just too influenced by the patriarchy.

    Advice from another man: Cry your eyes out, experience emotions, you are a brittle and sensitive human being 🙂

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