Alt Left: Young Women Are Dumping Me for Not Being Woke Enough on Feminism, Homosexuality, and Transsexualism

First, I’m 62 years old, so I’m even sure why this happens to me at all. But 15, 16, and 17 year old girls (JB’s) all came to me on the Net just recently. And they approached me in every case. I don’t go chasing JB’s. It’s a bit sleazy. If they come to you, fine, obviously they’re doing  what they want to do, but chasing JB’s as an older man leaves me cold. It does seem a bit predatory.

The 16 year old came to me with the  usual line, “Hi Daddy! Wanna fuck  me?” All young women and teenage girls call me Daddy nowadays. WTF is it with this Daddy shit? She didn’t respond back. She was a Black girl from Michigan.

The 15 year old came to talk and told me she liked it really dirty. I was scared to talk to her because I don’t even know if this is legal! We talked a bit, but really she had no personality at all, didn’t know how to flirt or even talk, and she turned me off. This is typical of JB’s.

I haven’t touched one since age 21, but I’ve talked to many of them on the Net. Back in the 1990’s the scene was wide open and there were all these Yahoo chatrooms like “Younger Women for Older Men.” Full of young women of course, but they also had so many JB’s in them you would not even believe it. JB’s like men! Back then nobody cared about any of that.

Most are awkward, don’t know how to talk to me, don’t know how to talk dirty, act robotic during sex games, or just seem extremely naive. For me, that’s a turnoff. I was glad she went away because I’m not sure if this is legal. This Sex Panic gets worse every year. Are these gay cop cucks going to go after us for talking to JB’s now? You can’t talk to other humans? I can’t believe what fags cops are nowadays. You’re going to arrest me for talking to a 16 year old girl? You call yourself a man?  Take off that uniform.

The totally hot 17 year old sent me some pics, but there was nothing illegal in there. She just wanted to talk dirty and talk about sex. I guess that’s legal! She was 7,000 miles away anyway. Come get me, FBI, you penny ante trivial pikers. Why don’t you feds focus on real crime instead of teenage girl bullshit?

But she was dominant and so am I, so we didn’t connect. She wanted to peg me in the ass with a dildo. She also really wanted me to turn bisexual and fuck guys. Those are both pretty gay things, but she probably liked submissive men, and the more submissive the guy is, the more he’s into getting pegged and fucking dudes.

A 30 hot year old woman came to talk to me recently, and she was along the same lines. She said she was bi-curious and she would not mind if I was too. I told her that if a man even touched me in a weird way, I would probably jump backwards. She said correctly that I was a homophobe (after all, I am afraid of that stuff like most straight men) and left me.

I have young women leaving me all the time nowadays because I’m not woke enough. They hate that I’m an MRA and an anti-feminist, or they think I’m a homophobe, or they think I’m a transphobe. They get furious and say, “You’re really closed-minded!” They range in age from 19-30. Two women, age 28 and 30, told me, “I don’t date homophobes.” This is so weird. Growing up you would never have heard of such a thing.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Young Women Are Dumping Me for Not Being Woke Enough on Feminism, Homosexuality, and Transsexualism”

  1. I don’t doubt it. Many young women like older men. I get waved at by JB’s walking with their moms. It’s all them.

    I like young looking women, White milfs, and everything in between. Non-Whites typically don’t age fast and stay young looking longer. They essentially don’t age enough to be milfs, and the barely legals get less attention than young Whites. Not saying it’s bad, I’d rather not appear to age.

    I see age of consent as more of a Western concept. It has spread as far as Asia, but I believe it’s Western in origin.

    Woke women have silly views. They’re all feels. “Nothing more sacred than a transsexual feminist of color. Old White man bad.”

  2. It’s actually true. I am on some Younger Women for Older Men groups. They came to me from those groups. Well, those attract a certain type of woman or even girl. I just join the group, say a few things and then sit back and wait for them to come to me. I don’t pursue them all. And yeah they come to me, a few girls but also 18-30 yr old women and a few older ones if I join different groups.

    The girls come to me and say something like:

    Yeah, I noticed you were in my group and I saw your pic and I thought, “Damn he’s handsome. I think I will go talk to him.

    You all just don’t get it. Being a Chad is a very good thing if you play your cards right. Chads have things happen to them with women that most people say never happen to any man. But they happened to me and my friends. Women like goodlooking men. And if you are in the top 10% of men in Looks, even in your 60’s, combined with some good Game and maybe a bit of Power, Status, Money, or Fame, you can keep attracting females of all ages. I guess this run ends at some point in life, but it ain’t over at all for me yet.

  3. LOL talk all you want. I am in my 60’s and I still hot, barely legal women! LOL this will never happen to you if you make it this far. Eat your heart out, chump.

  4. Yeah, Robert’s right. I’m 83 years old and I still get prime teen minge chasing after me. You just gotta project confidence and be a proper man. That fucking young minge loves that shit.

      1. No way. People say I’ve got an arse for a face but looks aren’t important, just be confident bro.

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