You’re Never Going to Figure Out Why Someone Person Hates You

It seems like I’ve been fired more than just about anyone on Earth, though that can’t possibly be true. I’m getting a lot better at it. They used to fire me right away, often after a few days. Then it was a few weeks. Then it was a couple of months. Then it was several months. I’ve now gotten it to the point where I last about 1-2 years before they start wanting to fire me. I consider this an achievement and I am very proud of myself.

I’m a perfectly good worker, even an exemplary one, so that’s not why I get fired a lot. I think people just don’t like me. Of course not everyone but there’s always at least one on  the workplace and often a few more who really hate me. Also I grow on a lot of people but I don’t grow on others. Some people I get a long with for a year or two before they turn on me and start really hating my guts. I’ve never been able to figure out why this is and you can’t exactly ask people.

No one is ever going to tell you why they hate you. Hell, they won’t even admit that they hate you in the first place!

If a lot, the majority, near everyone, or everyone hates you, you have an issue, and pretty soon, a lot of people will give you the same criticism over and over. This is an excellent clue to why lots of people hate you.

But with sporadic individual cases, you’re never going to find out. If it’s more than one person (and it will be) you can try to connect to the dots to see if there is any common factor as far as why these different people hate you, but don’t be surprised if you never figure it out. At some point, it’s a case of “don’t even try to figure it out.” Just recognize that they hate you, acknowledge that you will never know why, blot them out of your life, and move on.

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I was always getting fired especially by men my father’s age. Back then the Generation Gap was a horrible thing. I’m a Boomer. We were at virtual all out war with our parents, the World War 2 Generation (I won’t call them the Greatest Generation because they sure as Hell weren’t.). I don’t any generational parents-kids wars since ours have been nearly as bad as ours were, but I could be wrong. Generation X and their Boomer parents? Millennials and their Boomer and Generation X parents? Generation Z and their Millennial, Gen X, and even Boomer Parents?


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