Resiliency Is a Very Important Trait to Have in Life

My Mom used to tell me all the time that my father always said, “Bob is resilient. He gets knocked down over and over. He’s down for a while, but pretty soon, he picks himself up, dusts himself off, and gets back in the fight.” This is a good thing to be.

Are you resilient? Not everybody is and that’s ok if you are not, but if you have this quality or can acquire it, it’s a good thing. Resiliency is exactly what it sounds like you. You get blows, attacks, failures, upsets, on and on in life. Life is full of failure, loss, pain, and bad shit happening to you all the time. Hell, if bad shit is only happening to you half the time, I figure you’re in paradise. No matter how good my life was, there were always bad things happening to me.

I am proud of being resilient, assuming I even am anymore. I may have hit my resiliency limit, topped out and went over the end and here I am. I guess I’ll never know. I’ll have to ask my Mom about that. She knows me better than I do anyway.

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