Alt Left: The Relationship Between Alpha Males, Rightwing Politics, and Racism in the West

In the 1st World Western countries, Alpha Whites, Hispanics and East Asians are all right-wingers of some sort: Republic, Libertarian and weight-lifting racists.

Of course this is the case in the US. But is it the case anywhere else?

No, Alpha Whites in Europe are still very leftwing. Well, at least they are socialists. Hispanics in the West are liberal Democrats by 65%. Most are Alpha anyway as there are few Beta Hispanic males. The Alpha Hispanics tend to be the lighter skinned ones of the ones that fled leftwing countries in Latin America, which ends up being selection bias. And the Whiter an Hispanic man is, the less macho he is. Masculinity in Hispanic culture is associated with voting liberal Democrat, as with the Blacks. Even more importantly, many Hispanic small businessmen vote Republican, but they’re as Alpha as anyone else and they are not particularly White as one might assume.

Alpha male Asians in the West tend to be the older generation, and they tend increasingly to be more or less liberal Democrats of some sort or another. Like the Jews, their wealth does not seem to turn them rightwing for whatever reason, probably their innate collectivism which automatically works against an individualist economics. I don’t know much about young Asian Alpha males. Do they even exist lol? Chinese, Filipino, and SE Asian street toughs will vote liberal Democrat if they vote at all. I’m not aware of any segment of the Asian community that goes rightwing.

As far as racism goes, yes, Alpha Whites in the US tend to be racist but I’m not sure that’s true anywhere else so much. It might be true in the UK but those are working class British. There’s a racist hypermasculine reaction in Spain right now, but all the men are macho anyway. That movement is just the male reaction to feminism. There are few out racists in the rest of Western Europe. It’s a death sentence. In Italy the racists are in the north and the antiracists are in the South. But Nothern and Southern Italians are masculine but the Southern Italians tend to be moreso. In Eastern Europe and Russia, all the man are Alpha and they’re all racists too so there’s no distinction.

All Hispanics are more or less racist anyway, at least against Blacks, but the lower classes are more hypermasculine and are actually less racist against Blacks than the less masculine upper classes. And they’re all Alpha so there’s no Alpha/Beta distinction.

All Asians are racist, especially among Blacks. The older Asian men are more Alpha than the younger men, and yes they are more racist against Blacks.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Relationship Between Alpha Males, Rightwing Politics, and Racism in the West”

  1. The current generation East Asian right-wingers tend to be incel race-traitors. All the Alpha EA males (yes they exist in small numbers) I know are usually neoliberal Democrats. They are weight-lifting racists but they don’t trust Republicans due to its White Supremacist undercurrent. If Whites weren’t Reuplicans or the U.S. weren’t a two party system, they’d be part of some non-Libertarian neoliberal right-wing party.

    1. What makes you think that Asians in the US are particularly rightwing? I believe they have been voting Democrat at a rate of ~70% for quite some time now. And many of the countries back home are Communist or have massive state intervention in the economy. Hong Kong and Singapore are outliers, and Hong Kong’s about to go Communist anyway. Asians in the US never struck me as particularly rightwing, but maybe I haven’t studied the issue enough.

      1. I don’t think they vote right-wing. The few that do are incels or race-traitors so they gladly join the White man’s party.

        The few Alpha East Asians are right-wing in thought but still vote Democrat since they feel no need to cuck themselves out to Whites. They are free-market with safety net types, mixed economy proponents; basically, on the neoliberal-to-social-democrat spectrum. Some are communist but usually only dumb macho dudes of Mainland Chinese descent. Many EAs, Alpha or not, are vocally anti-communist or at least anti-CCP.

        This is my anecdotal experience.

        1. They are free-market with safety net types, mixed economy proponents; basically, on the neoliberal-to-social-democrat spectrum.

          We don’t call that free market. Hell, I am for a regulated capitalist economy with a safety net for God’s sake! Once you put that safety net in, it’s not really a free market anymore according to neoliberals and Libertarians. Anyway, most of these guys are probably Keynesians. We are all Keynesians now at this point.

          Many EAs, Alpha or not, are vocally anti-communist or at least anti-CCP.

          Oh I can believe that. I met a young Chinese woman recently. Her father came here just recently. He really hated the CCP and he lived there until like 2008 I think. All the anti-Communists came here.

          However, that main Singapore opposition party is pro-CCP, so it may be different with other groups of Overseas Chinese. And despite the rhetoric, the Taiwanese government actually has good relations with the CCP. There is a lot of investment going both ways over there. There are two main parties. One is anti-CCP. The other is more pro-CCP. China’s position on Taiwan is insane. Nationalistic garbage.

      2. A lot of people say the same thing about Asians, particularly the Chinese. In essence, one of the great failures of the West when negotiating with China is the lack of taking into account Chinese racism. It is intransigent and deep rooted. You were absolutely right saying Asian, none moreso than China. People need to understand the way China thinks. If you’re not Chinese, you are valued very little.

  2. I sure as hell ain’t no Keynesian. I’d rather you call me a nigger.

    Don’t forget that left libertarians are in favor of government regulation of the economy and even in favor of welfare. Hell, I’m a right libertarian that supports the notion of a universal basic income. Warren Buffet’s position is basically the same as mine.

    1. Why do they call themselves Left Libertarians if they are in favor of government regulation of the economy and welfare?

      Is it acceptable for Right Libertarians to support basic income? Is that compatible with Right Libertarian theory?

      1. Libertarian in the original sense is what we call a Liberal now. In the neoliberal U.S., Libertarian has become synonymous with Right Libertarian. But there are Libertarian Socialists as well. The unifying idea is the freedom to engage in human activities, personal and commercial, with minimum government interference.

        UBIncome is incompatible with most Right Libertarian ideologies. Most would run me out of town for suggesting it. However, I am not truly “Libertarian” in the sense of drinking any particular dogma’s Koo-laid. As somebody who sidesteps fiat currency, central banks, and believes in cryptocurrency, UBI isn’t incompatible with RL at all if you dig deeper into the ideology.

        Fiat is monopoly money, so why not make the most use of it? I would be against forced redistribution of bullion or cryptocurrency though. Libertarians are reactionaries trying to go back to a small government bullion era. That ain’t happening. I accept the technological innovations of of fiat currency and central planning. Those things aren’t going away even if they suck in the current form. Humans will just have to refine them. I just wish people viewed government with pure disgust and openly admitted it is a necessary evil.

        It’s more dangerous to have a small government that is blindly and naively adored by its people than a big monstrous government that nobody trusts. America is very much the latter in many ways but not enough IMO. Republicans and Democrats each have fanatical and near delusional devotion to certain aspects of their government, be it the military of the welfare endearments.


        Left-libertarianism, also known as egalitarian libertarianism, left-wing libertarianism or social libertarianism, is a political philosophy and type of libertarianism that stresses both individual freedom and social equality. Left-libertarianism represents several related yet distinct approaches to political and social theory. In its classical usage, it refers to anti-authoritarian varieties of left-wing politics such as anarchism, especially social anarchism, whose adherents simply call it libertarianism.

        In the United States, it represents the left wing of the libertarian movement and the political positions associated with academic philosophers Hillel Steiner, Philippe Van Parijs, and Peter Vallentyne that combine self-ownership with an egalitarian approach to natural resources. This is done to distinguish libertarian views on the nature of property and capital, usually along left–right or socialist–capitalist lines.

        While maintaining full respect for personal property, left-libertarians are opposed to capitalism and the private ownership of the means of production.

        Other left-libertarians are skeptical of or fully against private ownership of natural resources, arguing in contrast to right-libertarians that neither claiming nor mixing one’s labor with natural resources is enough to generate full private property rights and maintain that natural resources should be held in an egalitarian manner, either unowned or owned collectively.

        Those left-libertarians who support private property do so under different property norms and theories such as mutualism or under the condition that recompense is offered to the local or even global community such as the Steiner–Vallentyne school.

        Market-oriented left-libertarianism, including Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s mutualism and Samuel Konkin III’s agorism, appeals to left-wing concerns such as class, egalitarianism, environmentalism, gender, immigration, and sexuality within the paradigm of free-market anti-capitalism.

        Although libertarianism in the United States has become associated to classical liberalism and minarchism, with right-libertarianism being more known than left-libertarianism, political usage of the term until then was associated exclusively with anti-capitalism, libertarian socialism, and social anarchism, and in most parts of the world such an association still predominates.

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